“Eureka” quotes

Movie Eureka
Title Eureka
Year 1983
Director Nicolas Roeg
Genre Drama, Thriller
All actors – Gene Hackman, Theresa Russell, Rutger Hauer, Jane Lapotaire, Mickey Rourke, Ed Lauter, Joe Pesci, Helena Kallianiotes, Cavan Kendall, Corin Redgrave, Joe Spinell, Frank Pesce
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  • “You want the truth that's what love is, isn't it? Truth? True love, true love is what goes on and on. It never stops. Down and down in the water 'til you're drowning. And it's on shore, on the sand, in the back of a car. Then it's on the bed, it's an electric bed isn't it? Like an electric chair as it was switched on until neither of us can stop...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Gene Hackman - Jack McCann
  • “I see a man unbuttoning a new frock for the first time. And trying to get me tipsy while stay sober himself. Because he's beginning to realize I could hold a hell of a lot of liquor. I see a man with other women; secretive, dissatisfied with me. Telling lies, small ones, but needing me more than anything. I see a man who can't pass a mirror...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Gene Hackman - Jack McCann
  • “- Tracy: What did you do for girls up here?
    - Jack McCann: I guess we did without. Unlike some people I know.
    - Tracy: Suppose I'd been here. Would you have given me a second glance?
    - Jack McCann: No. My darling Tracy, I never would have taken my eyes off you.”

    Theresa Russell - Tracy
    Gene Hackman - Jack McCann
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  • “- Frieda: I'm dying, Paris.
    - Jack McCann: Wait, what happens now?
    - Frieda: A mystery. The end of the beginning.”

    Helena Kallianiotes - Frieda
    Gene Hackman - Jack McCann
    [Tag:death, end, mystery]
  • “Once I had it all. Now I just have everything.”
    Gene Hackman - Jack McCann
  • “He was like a man struck by lightening. One moment of rapture, followed by decades of despair.”

    Theresa Russell - Tracy
  • “- Tracy: I loved my father before I loved you.
    - Claude Maillot Van Horn: Was he more violent than me?
    - Tracy: Stop asking me about violence!
    - Claude Maillot Van Horn: Your father was savagely murdered, beaten, his head cut off. I'm on trial for my life. If I'm found guilty they'll hang me by the neck. This isn't a time or place to be shy...” (continue)
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    Theresa Russell - Tracy
    Rutger Hauer - Claude Maillot Van Horn