“Betrayed” quotes

Movie Betrayed
Title Betrayed
Year 1988
Director Costa-Gavras
Genre Drama, Thriller
Plot – Under a false name, detective Cathy Weaver is sent by FBI agent Michael Carnes to the Midwest to investigate the brutal murder of a Jewish anti-racist journalist, controversial host of Radio Chicago. The clues point to Gary Simmons, with whom Cathy immediately has a relationship. Gary is a widower, a Vietnam veteran and a respected farmer who lives on a farm with his two young children, Rachel and Joey, and his mother Gladys. While the relationship between the two grows, Cathy discovers that in the quiet rural area some racist fanatics, led by Gary and secretly protected by the police and by certain politicians, have killed black Jews. Upset about Gary's double life and torn between duty and feeling, Cathy alerts the FBI that a new attack is about to unfold. Discovered and threatened by Gary, she kills him while the attack is taking place. Convinced she has been betrayed by her colleagues, and now psychologically destroyed, Cathy abandons her job as a detective.
All actors – Debra Winger, Tom Berenger, John Heard, Betsy Blair, John Mahoney, Ted Levine, Jeffrey DeMunn, Albert Hall, David Clennon, Robert Swan, Richard Libertini, Maria Valdez
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