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  • Dorothy had already done the centerfold, Miss August. She had already done parts in "Fantasy Island" and "Buck Rogers". Things were moving fast for her. I became very fond of her. She was handling her public visibility very well. She was maturing very fast for 19. But, to me, she was just a friend. Understand? Just a friend.
    David Clennon - Geb
  • “- John W. Burns, Jr. : Ok, I can handle this.
    - Lawrence Baird: What makes you think you're qualified? This time he's jumping, next time he might be pushing others. He is a menace to society!
    - John W. Burns, Jr. : Only if he falls on somebody.”

    Dan Aykroyd - John W. Burns, Jr.
    David Clennon - Lawrence Baird
  • - Liaison Man: You mean for this "space race" you don't want our best pilots?
    - Recruiter: I didn't say that. We want the best pilots that we can get.

    David Clennon - Liaison Man
    Jeff Goldblum - Recruiter
  • “- Liaison Man: Right now the President's got his own problems with the Bay of Pigs, he doesn't want the astronauts' image tarnished. Nothing these guys do is gonna be called a failure... But you'd think the public'd know that they're just doing what monkeys have done?
    - Chuck Yeager: Monkeys? Think a monkey knows he's sitting on top of a rocket...” (continue)
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    David Clennon - Liaison Man
    Sam Shepard - Chuck Yeager
    [Tag:courage, suicide]
  • “- Robin: You don't suppose he'd do anything crazy, do you?
    - Geb: Like what?
    - Robin: I don't know. Like, hurt himself.
    - Geb: Not if it means mussin' his hair.”

    Kathryn Witt - Robin
    David Clennon - Geb
    [Tag:suicide, vanity]
  • “The Rolls is an investment, for me. It's an investment. I'm not into status symbols, like most people out here. It's an investment. Okay?”
    David Clennon - Geb
  • “I can take a bragging Snider. I can take a conniving Snider. I just can't stomach a sentimental Snider.”
    David Clennon - Geb
    [Tag:scorn, sentiment]
  • “- Consul Phil Putnam: Please try to understand. There are so many cases. They're all so important, and this isn't the only one we're working on.
    - Ed Horman: It's the only one I care about.”

    David Clennon - Consul Phil Putnam
    Jack Lemmon - Ed Horman
  • “- MacReady: Anyone messes with me... and the whole camp goes!
    - Palmer: Don't argue with him!”

    Kurt Russell - MacReady
    David Clennon - Palmer
  • “- Lt. Finley Wattsberg: Be careful, sir!
    - Maj. Asa Barker: Wattsberg, do you love your commanding officer?
    - Lt. Finley Wattsberg: Well... yes, sir.
    - Maj. Asa Barker: That's fine, because I love you, too.”

    David Clennon - Lt. Finley Wattsberg
    Burt Lancaster - Maj. Asa Barker
    [Tag:army, love]