“Blood Diner” quotes

Movie Blood Diner
Title Blood Diner
Year 1987
Director Jackie Kong
Genre Comedy, Horror
Plot – Anwar Tutman is a Sheetar goddess fanatical follower and initiates his two little nephews Michael and George to her worship, until he's shot by the police. Twenty years later, Michael and George continue their uncle's nefarious work and thanks to some magic rites they remove the man's brain from the buried corpse to make Anwar keep telling them what to do, that is continuing the murders he started long ago in honor of Sheetar. Anwar wants actually to reincarnate the goddess in a new body, so Michael and George think to sacrifice their vegetarian restaurant's clients. After the two chefs choose the needed pieces from the corpses, they serve the remaining parts in new recipes. In the meantime, Detective Shepard and agent Sheba investigate the horrible crimes.
All actors – Rick Burks, Carl Crew, Roger Dauer, LaNette La France, Lisa Elaina, Max Morris, Roxanne Osco, Sir Lamont Rodeheaver, Dino Lee, Johnsons The Luv, Drew Godderis, Bob Loya
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