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  • - Charlie Bucket: You can eat the grass?
    - Willy Wonka: Of course you can! Everything in this room is eatable, even I'm eatable! But that is called "cannibalism", my dear children, and is in fact frowned upon in most societies.

    Freddie Highmore - Charlie Bucket
    Johnny Depp - Willy Wonka
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  • “While it is a sad fact that mass homicide and practitioners of blood cults infest our society, the producers of this film wish to express that they do not condone, nor do they want to inspire, any of the human butchery or violence portrayed in this film. If you feel you will be offended by such material, please leave the theatre at once. Note:...” (continue)(continue reading)
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  • “I was in pretty horrible shape. In fact I was on my way to a sanatorium to convalesce when a native scout told me a curious story. Man eats the flesh of another, he takes the other man's strength, absorbs his spirit. Well. Naturally I just had to try. Consequently I ate the scout first and you know he was absolutely right. I grew stronger....” (continue)(continue reading)

    Robert Carlyle - Col. Ives
    [Tag:cannibalism, disease, strength]
  • “The normal question, the first question is always, are these cannibals? No, they are not cannibals. Cannibalism in the true sense of the word implies an intrapecies activity. These creatures cannot be considered human. They prey on humans. They do not prey on each other - that's the difference.”

    Richard France - Scientist
    [Tag:cannibalism, zombie]
  • “- Eddie Brock: You bit somebody's head off.
    - Venom: Fuel in the tank.”

    Tom Hardy - Eddie Brock
    Tom Hardy - Venom
    [Tag:cannibalism, eating]
  • “- Ida Smith: You look good enough to eat.
    - Guy Robaire: I hope so! Listen, you want me to tie you up, or you want to tie me up?
    - Ida Smith: Oh, I'll tie you up.
    - Guy Robaire: All right, tie me up.
    - Edith Olson: Hey, you do that pretty good. What is this, dog style?
    - Vincent Smith: No ma'am, hog.”

    Nancy Parsons - Ida Smith
    Dick Curtis - Guy Robaire
    Elaine Joyce - Edith Olson
    Rory Calhoun - Vincent Smith
    [Tag:ability, cannibalism]
  • “It's a cruel world, all you little boys and girls and some mean, nasty people want to have you for their supper!”

    Alan Cumming - Fegan Floop
    [Tag:cannibalism, children, cruelty]
  • “- Dr. Margo Hunt: Well, they make baked goods, sew their own clothes, and they leave out handicrafts for the Piranha Women. And, in return, they don't eat them! Kind of a symbiotic relationship.
    - Jim: Kind of an idiotic relationship is more like it!”

    Shannon Tweed - Dr. Margo Hunt
    Bill Maher - Jim
    [Tag:cannibalism, relationships]
  • “- Dr. Margo Hunt: Dr. Kurtz, I'm unfamiliar with the academicguidelines at Radcliffe, but I would think any major university would consider warring on the United States and eating prisoners of war a serious breach of ethics.
    - Dr. Kurtz: Always the cautious scholar, huh, Dr. Hunt?”

    Shannon Tweed - Dr. Margo Hunt
    Adrienne Barbeau - Dr. Kurtz
    [Tag:cannibalism, morals, war]
  • - Mitch: Eat you? What a lovely image. "Eat me!". Hey, Glen, I'm still hungry, is there any more Phil? Oooh, pass the Phil. Mmmmm, it's even good cold. Great party, thanks to Phil!
    - Phil: Alright, so don't eat me!
    - Duke: Jesus Christ, what a bunch of little piss pots.

    Billy Crystal - Mitch Robbins
    Daniel Stern - Phil Berquist
    Jack Palance - Duke Washburn
  • “- Suleman Khan: You will be my welcome guests for dinner.
    - Struts: Is he going to eat us or feed us?”

    Brian Blessed - Suleman Khan
    Jack Weston - Struts
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  • “- Chaco Losojos: They just want to show us they are brave warriors. And they want us to follow them to the village.
    - Professor Harold Monroe: Follow them?
    - Chaco Losojos: To return the prisoner, and to talk.
    - Professor Harold Monroe: I don't know about this. I think they want us for dinner tonight.”

    Salvatore Basile - Chaco Losojos
    Robert Kerman - Professor Harold Monroe
    [Tag:cannibalism, fear]
  • “- Thrasher: Are you telling me there's something running around loose in the city, ripping out people's hearts and eating them so he can take their souls back to Hell?
    - Det. Dick Durkin: Looks that way.”

    Alun Armstrong - Thrasher
    Alastair Duncan - Det. Dick Durkin
    [Tag:cannibalism, hell, soul]
  • “- Mason Verger: So what do you think, Cordell? Does Lecter want to fuck her or kill her or eat or what?
    - Cordell Doemling: Probably all three, though I wouldn't want to predict in what order.”

    Gary Leonard Oldman - Mason Verger
    Željko Ivanek - Cordell Doemling
    [Tag:cannibalism, intuition]
  • “- Dr. Kurtz: There's your sacrifice. If you wish to become a piranha woman you must first take his body, and then his life. What is your decision?
    - Dr. Margo Hunt: I refuse to kill another human being in cold blood. However, in deference to your cultural traditions, I would be willing to have sex with him.
    - Dr. Kurtz: Forget it! You want your...” (continue)
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    Adrienne Barbeau - Dr. Kurtz
    Shannon Tweed - Dr. Margo Hunt
    [Tag:cannibalism, culture, sex]
  • “- Phil: In case we don't make it and I die first... eat me.
    - Mitch: Eat you? I don't even like talking to you on the phone.”

    Daniel Stern - Phil Berquist
    Billy Crystal - Mitch Robbins
    [Tag:cannibalism, eating, scorn]
  • “If by any chance Mido should find out the truth, you son of a bitch, I'm going to rip you limb from limb. And your remains will never be found. Why? Because I'm going to swallow every last bit.”
    Min-sik Choi - Dae-su Oh
    [Tag:cannibalism, threat, truth]
  • “- Darry: We pounded it to dust. We watched it blow the fuck away.
    - Jezelle Gay Hartman: I think it's eaten too many hearts, for its own to ever stop!”

    Justin Long - Darry
    Patricia Belcher - Jezelle Gay Hartman
    [Tag:cannibalism, immortality, killing]
  • “The conquest of the moon for example: who talks about it anymore? Today we are already on the threshold of conquering our galaxy, and in a not too distant tomorrow, we'll be considering the conquest of the universe, and yet man seems to ignore the fact that on this very planet there are still people living in the stone age and practicing...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Larry Dolgin - PABS Reporter
    [Tag:cannibalism, people, progress]
  • “It's lonely being a cannibal; tough making friends.”
    Jeffrey Jones - Col. Hart
    [Tag:cannibalism, friends, solitude]
  • “- Petras Kolnas: What did I ever do to you?
    - Hannibal Lecter: Aside from eating my sister? Nothing.”

    Kevin McKidd - Petras Kolnas
    [Tag:cannibalism, sisters]
  • “- Starman: Do deer eat people?
    - Jenny Hayden: No.
    - Starman: Do people eat people?
    - Jenny Hayden: Of course not. What do you think we are?
    - Starman: I think you are a very primitive species.”

    Jeff Bridges - Starman
    Karen Allen - Jenny Hayden
    [Tag:animals, cannibalism, mankind]
  • “You are a freak and a cannibal and you've come to the wrong town.”
    Charles Haid - Captain Eigerman
  • “They never found his body, but they say his spirit lives in the forest. This forest. A maniac, a thing no longer human. They say he lives on whatever he can catch. Eats them raw, alive maybe. And every year he picks on a summer camp and seeks his revenge for the terrible things those kids did to him. Every year he kills. Right now he's out...” (continue)(continue reading)

    John Tripp - Camp Counselor
    [Tag:cannibalism, danger, revenge]
  • “- Betty: I never could do long division. Let's see, how many times does twelve go into seventy-five.
    - Timmy: Oh, six times, three left over. Why?
    - Betty: Well, at twelve minutes a pound, that means you have to be in the oven by no later than 1:30. Oh, but evisceration takes at least an hour.”

    Debbie Harry - Betty
    Matthew Lawrence - Timmy
    [Tag:cannibalism, mathematics]