“Boxcar Bertha” quotes

Movie Boxcar Bertha
Martin Scorsese directed this movie in 1972
Title Boxcar Bertha
Year 1972
Director Martin Scorsese
Genre Drama, Crime, Romance
Plot – Bertha, an 18-year-old orphan girl living in America during the Great Recession, is looking for a way to survive the 1929 crisis. By chance, she meets Bic Bill Shelly, a socialist syndicalist, and makes love with him. She then meets Rake Brown, a cardsharper, and becomes his partner. After meeting again with Shelly, she tries to save him and one of his friends from a penal settlement. The two, along with a black man, form a gang that, following the revolutionary ideals of Shelly, starts robbing banks to hit Mister Sartoris, the owner of a train company. The battle between FBI and the gang will end in tragedy.
All actors – Barbara Hershey, David Carradine, Barry Primus, Bernie Casey, John Carradine, Victor Argo, David Osterhout, Grahame Pratt, 'Chicken' Holleman, Harry Northup, Ann Morell, Marianne Dole, Joe Reynolds, , Jerry Cortez, Louie Elias, Michael Fitzgerald, Gerald Raines, Gayne Rescher, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Martin Scorsese
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  • “- Sheriff: Harvey, who is that fella son of a bitch?
    - Harvey Hall: How's that Sheriff? I mean, which son of a bitch?
    - Sheriff: You know the one I mean. The one over there shaking hands with that nigger.
    - Harvey Hall: That's Big Bill Shelly, notorious Bolshevik. We drug him in last evening.
    - Sheriff: Well, I don't know about no Bolshevik, But...” (continue)
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    Jerry Cortez - Sheriff
    Harry Northup - Harvey Hall
  • “- Boxcar Bertha: I want somethin' I ain't ever had.
    - Big Bill Shelly: How you gonna get that?
    - Boxcar Bertha: Guts and luck.
    - Big Bill Shelly: Luck! Hell, luck is bein' a Vanderbilt or a Carnegie.
    - Boxcar Bertha: Just grabbin' somethin' good when it comes by.
    - Big Bill Shelly: Sure, enough, honey.”

    Barbara Hershey - Boxcar Bertha
    David Carradine - Big Bill Shelly
  • “- Boxcar Bertha: I'd do anything you want. Wanna quit, we'll quit. We'll go away.
    - Big Bill Shelly: I ain't a quitter. If you wanna leave, there are no chains on you, honey.
    - Boxcar Bertha: You dumb.
    - Big Bill Shelly: What do you mean?
    - Boxcar Bertha: I ain't leavin'.”

    Barbara Hershey - Boxcar Bertha
    David Carradine - Big Bill Shelly
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  • “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”
    Barbara Hershey - Boxcar Bertha
  • “- Harvey Hall: Where you goin' little lady?
    - Boxcar Bertha: Ah, to Africa.
    - Harvey Hall: Africa?
    - Boxcar Bertha: I'm a missionary. I've dedicated my life to the black heathen.”

    Harry Northup - Harvey Hall
    Barbara Hershey - Boxcar Bertha
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