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September 2, 1940
North American
actor, poet
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Harry Northup quotes
  • “- Sheriff: Harvey, who is that fella son of a bitch?
    - Harvey Hall: How's that Sheriff? I mean, which son of a bitch?
    - Sheriff: You know the one I mean. The one over there shaking hands with that nigger.
    - Harvey Hall: That's Big Bill Shelly, notorious Bolshevik. We drug him in last evening.
    - Sheriff: Well, I don't know about no Bolshevik, But...” (continue)
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    Jerry Cortez - Sheriff
    Harry Northup - Harvey Hall
  • “- Doberman: You boys got any special reason to be hiding behind there?
    - Richie: Yea, we heard you were a horny man.”

    Harry Northup - Doberman
    Matt Dillon - Richie
  • “- Harvey Hall: Where you goin' little lady?
    - Boxcar Bertha: Ah, to Africa.
    - Harvey Hall: Africa?
    - Boxcar Bertha: I'm a missionary. I've dedicated my life to the black heathen.”

    Harry Northup - Harvey Hall
    Barbara Hershey - Boxcar Bertha
    [Tag:lies, traveling]
  • “- Doberman: I don't get you, Carl. You live in a good place, your dad's got a good job with the Caddies. You're getting to be more of a punk every day, you know that? Lemme ask you somethin'. You got a drive and need to louse things up for yourself?
    - Carl: I've got a drive, and need to be left alone, okay?”

    Harry Northup - Doberman
    Michael Eric Kramer - Carl
  • “- Carl: I lost a contact lens back there.
    - Doberman: Oh, really. Come here, let me see... You don't wear contacts.
    - Carl: I lost both of 'em!”

    Michael Eric Kramer - Carl
    Harry Northup - Doberman
  • “- Preacher: I accuse you of harlotry! I accuse you of having a scorpion between your legs that seduces men! I accuse you...
    - Cody Zamora: Just get on with it, will ya?”

    Harry Northup - Preacher
    Madeleine Stowe - Cody Zamora
  • “Every tree is known by its fruit. This woman has brought forth badfruit.”
    Harry Northup - Preacher
    [Tag:behavior, fruits]
  • “- Doberman: How long is this blade, White?
    - Richie: Three inches. Almost as big as your dick.
    - Doberman: Funny. You know if this was any longer, you'd do time?
    - Richie: If it was any smaller, you wouldn't have found it!”

    Harry Northup - Doberman
    Matt Dillon - Richie