“Crazy in Alabama” quotes

Movie Crazy in Alabama
Antonio Banderas directed this movie in 1999
Title Crazy in Alabama
Year 1999
Director Antonio Banderas
Genre Drama, Comedy, Crime
Plot – Peter Joseph - called Peejoe - is a teenager who lives in a remote Alabama town. During the summer of 1965 he lives some experiences that lead him directly to adulthood. His aunt Lucille has beheaded her violent and abusive husband and has closed the head in a hatbox, then she has decided to go to Hollywood to become a television star. Peejoe's uncle, Dove Bullis, is a funeral director, while John Doggett is the town's sheriff who suppresses any black people's manifestation. When he kills Peejoe's black friend, the guy takes courage to report him. In the meantime, in Hollywood Lucille gets some success but she's wanted for her husband's murder and then judged guilty. Judge Mead makes sheriff Doggett to be arrested for violation of human rights and decides a new penalty for Lucille suggesting her to spend five years under psychiatric care. However, she can consider herself a free woman. By the end of the summer, Peejoe thinks he has just learned many important things.
All actors – Melanie Griffith, David Morse, Lucas Black, Cathy Moriarty, Meat Loaf, Rod Steiger, Richard Schiff, John Beasley, Robert Wagner, Noah Emmerich, Sandra Seacat, Paul Ben-Victor, Brad Beyer, Fannie Flagg, Elizabeth Perkins, Linda Hart, Paul Mazursky, Holmes Osborne, William Converse-Roberts, David Speck, Philip Carter, Carl Le Blanc III, Louis Miller, Marion Zinser, John Fleck, Jack Stephens, Mark W. Johnson, Tom McCleister, J.R. Dyer, Tony Amendola, Milly Ericson, Jim Antonio, Thurn Hoffman, Michael Arata, Lance Spellerberg, Madison Mason, Amanda Aday, Randal Kleiser, Charlie Dell, Oliver Clark, Tracy Griffith, Dudley F. Craig II, Barbara Tasker, Brent Briscoe, Sidney J. Lodrigue, Urisino Frank Lourino, Kirk Fox, Wayne Ferrara, Jerry Lee Leighton, Don Thomas, Marva Wright, Dane Le Blanc, Dexter Le Blanc, Emily Guidry, Jess Bryan, Dakota Johnson, Stella Banderas, Jackson Isaacs, Lia Chapman, , Mary Bogue, N. Barry Carver, Tom Hanson, Phil Hawn, Griffin Howell, Scott King, Jordan Lund, Clark McCutchen, Damon O'Daniel, Nicolas Roye, Cherie Thibodeaux, Kathy Wittes, Michael Younger
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