“Crime and Punishment” quotes

Movie Crime and Punishment
Josef von Sternberg directed this movie in 1935
Title Crime and Punishment
Year 1935
Director Josef von Sternberg
Genre Drama, Crime
All actors – Peter Lorre, Edward Arnold, Marian Marsh, Tala Birell, Elisabeth Risdon, Robert Allen, Douglass Dumbrille, Gene Lockhart, Charles Waldron, Thurston Hall, Johnny Arthur, Mrs. Patrick Campbell
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  • “- Sonya: Don't take away my faith - I need it.
    - Roderick Raskolnikov: Don't take away my un-belief - I need that!”

    Marian Marsh - Sonya
    Peter Lorre - Roderick Raskolnikov
    [Tag:belief, faith, need]
  • “There's no use fighting against the will of heaven.”

    Elisabeth Risdon - Mrs. Raskolnikov
    [Tag:fighting, heaven, will]
  • “I'll have to send an innocent man to Siberia - vety likely to his death. It's not my doing after all - it's yours. I don't know how you feel about it, but it's a worse crime than the other in its way, more cold-blooded and fiendish.”

    Edward Arnold - Insp. Porfiry
  • “The more I see of humanity, the more I marvel at its infinite variety.”
    Edward Arnold - Insp. Porfiry
  • “- Sonya: I forgot that there was still some kindness in the world. Thank you.
    - Roderick Raskolnikov: I forgot there was still some beauty in it.”

    Marian Marsh - Sonya
    Peter Lorre - Roderick Raskolnikov
  • “Haven't you ever committed a wrong? If you have, you must know that the worst consequences have the unforeseen ones.”
    Douglass Dumbrille - Grilov
    [Tag:crime, results]
  • “- Insp. Porfiry: How long do you think you can keep up this pretense? Forever? For all eternity?
    - Roderick Raskolnikov: You're wasting your time.”

    Edward Arnold - Insp. Porfiry
    Peter Lorre - Roderick Raskolnikov
  • “I prefer a girl, like your sister, who's experienced poverty. I believe that a wife should always look up to her husband as a benefactor.”

    Gene Lockhart - Lushin
    [Tag:benefit, poverty, wife]