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Movie M
Fritz Lang directed this movie in 1931
Title M
Year 1931
Director Fritz Lang
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller
All actors – Peter Lorre, Ellen Widmann, Inge Landgut, Otto Wernicke, Theodor Loos, Gustaf Gründgens, Friedrich Gnaß, Fritz Odemar, Paul Kemp, Theo Lingen, Rudolf Blümner, Georg John, Franz Stein, Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur, Gerhard Bienert, Karl Platen, Rosa Valetti, Hertha von Walther, Behal Carrell, Josef Dahmen, J.A. Eckhoff, Else Ehser, Karl Elzer, Ilse Fürstenberg, Anna Goltz, Heinrich Gotho, Heinrich Gretler, Günther Hadank, Albert Hoermann, Ellen Isenta, Karl Junge-Swinburne, Albert Karchow, Werner Kepich, Hermann Krehan, Kurth Leeser, Rose Lichtenstein, Lotte Loebinger, Sigurd Lohde, Alfred Loretto, Hanna Maron, Paul Mederow, Margarete Melzer, Trude Moos, Hadrian Maria Netto, Günter Neumann, Neumann-Schüler, Katharina Nied, Maya Norden, Fred Nurney, Edgar Pauly, Klaus Pohl, Franz Poland, Eduard Rebane, Paul Rehkopf, Bertold Reissig, Ernst Rhaden, Hans Ritter, Max Sablotzki, Agnes Schulz-Lichterfeld, Leonard Steckel, Wolf Trutz, Otto Waldis, Borwin Walth, Rolf Wanka, Bruno Ziener
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  • “Just you wait a little while, the nasty man in black will come. With his little chopper, he will chop you up!”

    [Tag:murder, songs]
  • “An outsider is ruining our business and our reputation.”
    Gustaf Gründgens - Schränker
  • “We're doing our job because we have a living to make. But this monster has no right to live. He must disappear. He must be exterminated, without pity… without scruples.”

    Gustaf Gründgens - Schränker
    [Tag:killing, murder]
  • “- Pregnant Woman: I'm always telling those kids to stop singing that terrible murderer's song and they do nothing but sing it at the top of their voices all day. As if we hadn't heard enough of that killer.
    - Frau Beckmann: Oh, leave them alone. As long as they're singing, at least we know they're still there.”

    Ellen Widmann - Frau Beckmann
  • “It's me, pursuing myself! I want to escape, to escape from myself! But it's impossible. I can't escape, I have to obey it. I have to run, run... endlessstreets.”
    Peter Lorre - Hans Beckert
  • “- Hans Beckert: I can't help myself! I have no control over this, this evil thing inside of me, the fire, the voices, the torment!
    - Schränker: Do you mean to say that you have to murder?
    - Hans Beckert: It's there all the time, driving me out to wander the streets, following me, silently, but I can feel it there.”

    Peter Lorre - Hans Beckert
    Gustaf Gründgens - Schränker
  • “- Hans Beckert: And who are you?
    - Beckert's Defender: I have the dubious honor of being your defense counsel. But I am afraid it won't be much use to you.”

    Peter Lorre - Hans Beckert
    Rudolf Blümner - Beckert's Defender
    [Tag:defense, lawyers]
  • “I'm pursued by ghosts. Ghosts of mothers and of those children... they never leave me. They are always there. Always, always, always! Except when I do it, when I... then I can't remember anything.”
    Peter Lorre - Hans Beckert
    [Tag:ghosts, murder]
  • “There are more police on the street tonight than whores.”
    Paul Kemp - Pickpocket with Six Watches
  • “We can no longer tolerate the fact that we're not safe now in any hotel, bar, cafe or even private home from the clutches of the police.”
    Gustaf Gründgens - Schränker
    [Tag:police, safety]
  • “Who will believe me? Who knows what it's like to be me?”
    Peter Lorre - Hans Beckert
    [Tag:empathy, trust]