“Dead Again” quotes

Movie Dead Again
Sir Kenneth Branagh directed this movie in 1991
Title Dead Again
Year 1991
Director Kenneth Branagh
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – Mike Church is a private detective in Los Angeles expert in finding lost people. He has agreed to investigate into the past of an attractive woman who has lost her memory and is plagued by nightmares. He is contacted by Franklyn Madson, an eccentric antiquarian hypnotist, who hopes to discover the identity of this woman, nicknamed Grace. To their great surprise under hypnosis the woman gives a detailed description of the troubled marriage between Margaret, a pianist, and Roman Strauss, a composer: she was killed with scissors in her bed, he instead was executed for her murder. Grace therefore identifies with Margaret convinced that Roman re-lives in Mike. Upon investigation, the detective discovers that Madson, then a teenager, killed Margaret because she took Roman Strauss away from his mother Inga, at the time the musician's housekeeper. After killing his mother Inga, now very old, in a moment of madness, Madson tries to kill Grace and Mike but succumbs during the fight.
All actors – Kenneth Branagh, Andy Garcia, Derek Jacobi, Wayne Knight, Hanna Schygulla, Campbell Scott, Emma Thompson, Jo Anderson, Christine Ebersole, Lois Hall, Richard Easton, Patrick Montes
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