“Peter's Friends” quotes

Movie Peter's Friends
Sir Kenneth Branagh directed this movie in 1992
Title Peter's Friends
Year 1992
Director Kenneth Branagh
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Plot – It is the eve of a new year. Six friends are preparing to celebrate 1982: Peter and his friends, a nice group of eccentrics, are about to leave university and venture into reality. Ten years have passed and the six are back together. Peter is depressed because of his father's death and uncertain about his future plans. He is certain of one thing though: he wants to reunite his old friends for a party. The events of the weekend develop one after another in a fun and quick succession, while the guests begin to arrive with their problems. The beautiful Sara is accompanied by her lover of the last two weeks, Brian. There is Andrew, once an aspiring playwright, who has found fame and fortune in Hollywood with a sitcom, and who has arrived with his wife Carol, star of the sitcom; Carol is obsessive, neurotic, and insecure. Then there are Roger and Mary, husband and wife, who have arrived with the burden of the crisis they are going through. Only the gentle and lonely Maggie is free from any kind of emotional relationship: she is alone with her book. When this group meets up once again, the result is as funny as it is embarrassing. And Peter is left observing everything that goes on around him.
All actors – Hugh Laurie, Kenneth Branagh, Stephen Fry, Alphonsia Emmanuel, Emma Thompson, Imelda Staunton, Richard Briers, Phyllida Law, Alex Scott, Edward Jewesbury, Hetta Charnley, Rita Rudner, Bill Parfitt, Ruby May Musto, Ann Davies, Magdalena Buznea, Tony Slattery, Alex Lowe, Chris Pickles, Nicola Wright, Yasser Arafat, Leonid Brezhnev, George Bush, Boy George, Mikhail Gorbachev, Rock Hudson, Saddam Hussein, Michael Jackson, Ayatollah Khomeini, John Major, Nelson Mandela, Pope John Paul II, Dan Quayle, Ronald Reagan, Salman Rushdie, Sylvester Stallone, Donald Trump
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