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November 6, 1951
North American
actor, film director
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Miguel Sandoval movie quotes, phrases and lines
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Miguel Sandoval quotes
  • “- Felix Cortez: Whatever this man has told you is a lie. He lies for a living!
    - Ernesto Escobedo: He is in the Intelligence business.
    - Felix Cortez: Exactly.”

    Joaquim de Almeida - Felix Cortez
    Miguel Sandoval - Ernesto Escobedo
    [Tag:job, lies, politics]
  • “I came to a certain age that I didn’t know on how to do anything else. So I really have to make this work.”
    Miguel Sandoval
  • “I just take one project at a time when it comes in.”
    Miguel Sandoval
    [Tag:job, working]
  • “Nobody tells you that you’ll be up all night and be doing the scene over and over again until you get it right.”
    Miguel Sandoval
  • “- Ernesto Escobedo: Who is doing this to me?
    - Felix Cortez: If I were to guess...
    - Ernesto Escobedo: No, that is not I asked of you, to guess. I can guess.”

    Miguel Sandoval - Ernesto Escobedo
    Joaquim de Almeida - Felix Cortez
  • “- Bo Catlett: Mr. Escobar, maybe your nephew panicked and took off.
    - Mr. Escobar: Why are you talking to me this bullshit? I think maybe I have Ramón and César staple your tongue to your chin! What do you think?
    - Bo Catlett: I think you speak very good English, Mr. Escobar.”

    Delroy Lindo - Bo Catlett
    Miguel Sandoval - Mr. Escobar
    [Tag:lies, threat]
  • “- Ernesto Escobedo: Someone has been talking to the drug police.
    - Felix Cortez: Now that's impossible. If anyone spoke to the police, I would be the first to know.”

    Miguel Sandoval - Ernesto Escobedo
    Joaquim de Almeida - Felix Cortez
  • “- Connie Doyle: What's this?
    - Paco: This is a Rolls Royce.
    - Connie Doyle: Wow, that's like the Cadillac of automobiles, huh?
    - Paco: No, the Mercedes-Benz is the Cadillac of automobiles. This is a Rolls Royce.”

    Ricki Lake - Connie Doyle
    Miguel Sandoval - Paco