“Diggstown” quotes

Movie Diggstown
Title Diggstown
Year 1992
Director Michael Ritchie
Genre Drama, Sport
Plot – While in prison for selling copies of ancient masterpieces made of plastic, the fraudster Gabriel Caine hears for the first time about Diggstown, the betting capital of illegal boxing matches. Once out, Gabriel tries to cheat the local boss, John Gillon, by organizing fixed fights during which Roy "Honey" Palmer, former champion, challenges one amateur fighter after another. The problem is to inform Roy that the matches are not real.
All actors – James Woods, Louis Gossett Jr., Bruce Dern, Oliver Platt, Heather Graham, Randall 'Tex' Cobb, Thomas Wilson Brown, Duane Davis, David Fresco, Willie Green, Orestes Matacena, Kim Robillard
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  • “I figured since I was taking all the punches, only fair that you share some of the anxiety.”

    Louis Gossett Jr. - Honey' Roy Palmer
    [Tag:anxiety, boxing]
  • “- Billy Hargrove: I'd give my dick for a truck like this.
    - Robby Gillon: What would be the use in having it then?”

    Jim Caviezel - Billy Hargrove
    Thomas Wilson Brown - Robby Gillon
    [Tag:cars, genitalia]
  • “He shot him up with amyl-nitrite between rounds! Gillon knew that Charles Macom Diggs would never take a fall! So he put the dope in his nasal spray. How that man went the distance is anybody's guess, but there is one thing for sure, his brain didn't.”

    James Woods - Gabriel Caine
  • “- Gabriel Caine: He's bigger than you are. He's tougher. He's faster. He's younger thant you are. He hasn't fought 22 rounds today, but remember this... you are black!
    - Honey Roy Palmer: What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

    James Woods - Gabriel Caine
    Louis Gossett Jr. - Honey' Roy Palmer
  • “- Gabriel Caine: Do you know the difference between a hustler and a good con-man?
    - Fitz: No.
    - Gabriel Caine: A hustler has to get out of town as quick as he can, but a good con-man doesn't have to leave until he wants to.”

    James Woods - Gabriel Caine
    Oliver Platt - Fitz
  • “- Paulo: It looks like I finally get to kill you after all.
    - Gabriel Caine: Well, that's a distinct possibility. But I'd bet, I don't know, four dollars against an hour with your mother that it doesn't turn out that way.”

    Michael DeLorenzo - Paulo
    James Woods - Gabriel Caine
  • “Dear Lord, please give us the strength and courage to tear this man from limb to limb.”
    Bruce Dern - John Gillon
    [Tag:killing, prayer]