“Fatherland” quotes

Movie Fatherland
Title Fatherland
Year 1994
Director Christopher Menaul
Genre Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance, Thriller, War
All actors – Rutger Hauer, Miranda Richardson, Peter Vaughan, Michael Kitchen, Jean Marsh, John Woodvine, John Shrapnel, Clive Russell, Clare Higgins, Pavel Andel, Petronella Barker, Sarah Berger
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  • “- SS-Untersturmführer Max Jäger: Another busy day in the SexualCrimes Unit. Who are the lovebirds?
    - Sex CrimesCop: Pure Aryan woman and a Polock. Caught right in the act. Coffee, please. Resettlement day for her, ten years hard labor for him. I just don't understand these people.
    - SS-Untersturmführer Max Jäger: Every time somebody makes love...” (continue)
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    Michael Kitchen - Jaeger
    Neil Dudgeon - Sex Crimes Cop
  • “- Anna Von Hagen: We put them in cattle cars and shipped them east. Always east.
    - Charlie Maguire: To the Ukraine, you mean? To the resettlement camps?
    - Anna Von Hagen: Ja, we resettle them. In the air.”

    Jean Marsh - Anna Von Hagen
    Miranda Richardson - Charlie Maguire
    [Tag:jews, killing, nazism]
  • “How do I tell my son that I've served murderers all my life? That this was not a glorious war for national survival, just extermination?”
    Rutger Hauer - SS-Sturmbannführer Xavier March
  • - Anna Von Hagen: It was a real problem for me, making a career in Hollywood.
    - Charlie Maguire: Why?
    - Anna Von Hagen: Jews. They controlled all the studios, you know - they even tried to keep me out of Broadway. The public wanted me, you see... and then "they" started the war.

    Jean Marsh - Anna Von Hagen
    Miranda Richardson - Charlie Maguire
  • “- Artur Nebe: What do you want, Globus?
    - Odilo 'Globus' Globocnik: I want to... broaden your horizons.”

    Peter Vaughan - Nebe
    John Shrapnel - General Globus
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  • “- Charlie Maguire: They killed all the Jews.
    - Xavier March: No, we didn't. We resettled them. We gave them their own piece of land.”

    Miranda Richardson - Charlie Maguire
    Rutger Hauer - SS-Sturmbannführer Xavier March
    [Tag:jews, killing, nazism]