“Godzilla, King of the Monsters!” quotes

Movie Godzilla, King of the Monsters!
Title Godzilla, King of the Monsters!
Year 1956
Directors Ishirô Honda, Terry O. Morse
Genre Sci-Fi, Horror, Action
Plot – Steve Martin is an American journalist who investigates a series of mysterious disasters occurred off Japan costs. He faces a powerful and terrifying creature which is able to reduce Tokyo into powder. All the weapons are useless to stop it, until a scientist finds a solution but it would threaten the entire Tokyo Bay.
All actors – Raymond Burr, Takashi Shimura, Momoko Kôchi, Akira Takarada, Akihiko Hirata, Sachio Sakai, Fuyuki Murakami, Ren Yamamoto, Toyoaki Suzuki, Tadashi Okabe, Toranosuke Ogawa, Frank Iwanaga
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  • “- Security Officer: He claimed he saw a monster, a horrible monster.
    - Steve Martin: If he saw a monster, he's had too much saké.”

    Frank Iwanaga - Security Officer
    Raymond Burr - Steve Martin
  • “This is Tokyo. Once a city of six million people. What has happened here was caused by a force which up until a few days ago was entirely beyond the scope of Man's imagination. Tokyo, a smoldering memorial to the unknown, an unknown which at this very moment still prevails and could at any time lash out with its terrible destruction anywhere...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Raymond Burr - Steve Martin
  • “Godzilla has turned the heart of Tokyo into a sea of fire! Beneath the flames, thousands lie dead or dieing.”
    Raymond Burr - Steve Martin
  • “The menace was gone... so was a great man. But the whole world could wake up and live again.”
    Raymond Burr - Steve Martin
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  • “- George Lawrence: How can they use depth bombs against something they can't even see?
    - Steve Martin: Same way they look for a submarine - sonar. Oh, they'll find him all right. The big question is, will they kill him?”

    Mikel Conrad - George Lawrence
    Raymond Burr - Steve Martin
    [Tag:killing, monster]
  • “The tanks have been wiped out by a wall of flames. Neither man nor his machines are able to stop this creature.”

    Raymond Burr - Steve Martin
  • “Godzilla should not be destroyed. He should be studied.”
    Takashi Shimura - Dr. Yamane
  • Here in Tokyo, time has been turned back two million years. This is my report as it happens. The prehistoric monster the Japanese call 'Godzilla' has just walked out of Tokyo Bay. He's as tall as a 30-story building.”
    Raymond Burr - Steve Martin
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  • “- Steve Martin: They believe their, uh... Godzilla, is responsible for all these ship disasters?
    - Security Officer: They're certain of it.”

    Raymond Burr - Steve Martin
    Frank Iwanaga - Security Officer
  • “- Dr. Serizawa: The Oxygen Destroyer cannot be used.
    - Ogata: If we don't defend ourselves from Godzilla now, what will become of us?
    - Dr. Serizawa: And what will become of us if a weapon, such as I now have, falls into the wrong hands?
    - Ogata: Then you have a responsibility no man has ever faced. You have your fear which might become reality....” (continue)
    (continue reading)

    Akihiko Hirata - Dr. Serizawa
    Akira Takarada - Ogata