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  • “- Dr. Malcolm Sayer: It was an immenseproject. I was to extract 1 decagram of myelin from 4 tons of earth worms.
    - Dr. Sullivan: Really!
    - Dr. Malcolm Sayer: Yes. I was on the project for 5 years. I was the only one who believed in it. Everyone else said it couldn't be done.
    - Dr. Kaufman: It can't.
    - Dr. Malcolm Sayer: I know that now. I...” (continue)
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    Robin Williams - Dr. Malcolm Sayer
    John Christopher Jones - Dr. Sullivan
    John Heard - Dr. Kaufman
    [Tag:science, scientists, studying]
  • “- Mark Baum's Mom: Then what's the problem, rabbi?
    - Rabbi: It's the reason Mark is studying so hard. He's looking for inconsistencies in the word of God!
    - Mark Baum's Mom: So has he found any?”

    Carrie Lazar - Mark Baum's Mom
    David Zalkind - Rabbi
    [Tag:criticism, religion, studying]
  • “- Roxanne Chase-Feder: Excuse me, Princess Rita. Are you just gonna sit there or are you gonna help me?
    - Rita: No, Mr. Feder said that I must study for the big final.
    - Roxanne Chase-Feder: What final?
    - Rita: You tell me, he just keeps handing me books.”

    Salma Hayek - Roxanne Chase-Feder
    Di Quon - Rita
    [Tag:books, helping, studying]
  • “I figure if I study high, take the test high, get high scores! Right?”
    Redman - Jamal King
    [Tag:drugs, studying, university]
  • “Everything I've ever cared about, everything I've worked for... has all been preparation for a future that no longer exists. I know you always thought I took the competition too seriously. You were right. It was all for nothing.”

    Emmy Rossum - Laura Chapman
    [Tag:catastrophe, future, studying]
  • “Where I come from the meal is the result of reflection and study. Menus are prepared in advance, timed to perfection. It is said that without the culinary arts, the crudeness of reality would be unbearable.”

    Hugh Jackman - Leopold
    [Tag:food, studying]
  • “In thirty-five years of religious study, I've come up with only two hard, incontrovertible facts: there is a God, and, I'm not Him.”
    Robert Prosky - Father Cavanaugh
    [Tag:facts, god, studying]
  • “We've tried to study him, of course, but he's much too sophisticated for the standardtests.”
    Anthony Heald - Dr. Frederick Chilton
    [Tag:intelligence, studying]
  • “- Dr. Grant: I have a theory that there are two kinds of boys. There are those that want to be astronomers, and those that want to be astronauts. The astronomer, or the paleontologist, gets to study these amazing things from a place of complete safety.
    - Erik: But then you never get to go into space.
    - Dr. Grant: Exactly. That's the difference...” (continue)
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    Sam Neill - Dr. Alan Grant
    Trevor Morgan - Eric Kirby
    [Tag:imagination, risk, studying]
  • “I wasn't as nervous when I rated for the results of a Hep-C test. Then again, I didn't study for that one at all.”
    Kat Dennings - Max Black
    [Tag:studying, test]
  • “- Amy: Time for us to do what we do best.
    - Molly: What's that?
    - Amy: Motherfucking homework.”

    Kaitlyn Dever - Amy
    Beanie Feldstein - Molly
  • “- Cody Jarrett: You like the truck idea, huh?
    - Trader Winston: Admirable. We might all profit by a closer study of classical literature.”

    James Cagney - Cody Jarrett
    Fred Clark - The Trader aka Winston
    [Tag:ideas, studying]
  • “- Faustino the Great: How long you study music?
    - Mr. Lyons: Fifteen years.
    - Faustino the Great: Fifteen. You know, two more years you could've been a plumber?”

    Chico Marx - Faustino the Great
    Leon Belasco - Mr. Lyons
    [Tag:job, studying]
  • “- Anne Larson: You're looking wonderfully well. I'm surprised - and pleased.
    - Cecile: Why surprised?
    - Anne Larson: Well, from Raymond's description, I thought...
    - Cecile: Oh, that was in Paris. And in Paris I was worn out from studying.”

    Deborah Kerr - Anne Larson
    Jean Seberg - Cecile
    [Tag:appearance, studying, ugliness]
  • “- Anne Larson: Are you studying now?
    - Cecile: During vacation?
    - Anne Larson: Well, you're going to take your examinations again, in October?
    - Cecile: Why? Raymond never got a diploma.
    - Anne Larson: Yes, but he worked hard, made quite a bit of money.
    - Cecile: Well, if it's all gone, I'm sure they'll always be a man to take care of me. And...” (continue)
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    Deborah Kerr - Anne Larson
    Jean Seberg - Cecile
    [Tag:marriage, opportunism, studying]
  • “- Chief Warren Kincaid: What are you gonna study?
    - David: Theatre arts.
    - Chief Warren Kincaid: But on an athletic scholarship, right? Playing hockey?
    - David: Figure skating.”

    John Ritter - Chief Warren Kincaid
    Gordon Michael Woolvett - David
    [Tag:art, sport, studying]
  • “He's not human. He studies people in order to appear human, but all he has discovered is our fear and our hatred.”

    Matthew Modine - Fritz Gerlich
    [Tag:hatred, humanity, studying]
  • “I'm an engineer! I stopped running when Nixon was president!”
    Donald Sutherland - Jerry O'Neill
    [Tag:exercise, fitness, studying]
  • “- Ben Campbell: You know, ever since I was 16, I crushed exams. I took on extracurricular. I showed up early. I even sat at the front of the class and stayed late. Man, I gave up everything. You know, I gave up fun. I gave up sex.
    - Miles Connoly: I don't think you gave up sex.
    - Ben Campbell: Okay, maybe not sex.”

    Jim Sturgess - Ben Campbell
    [Tag:sex, studying, surrender]
  • “- Matilda: Where's your homework?
    - Red: I don't have it.
    - Matilda: Why not?
    - Red: I didn't do it. I thought about doing it until I realized it would be a total waste of my time!”

    Maya Rudolph - Matilda
    Jason Sudeikis - Red
    [Tag:anger, studying]
  • “Six years of drama school... for this.”

    Peter Sagal - Clown's Joy
    [Tag:disappointment, sadness, studying]
  • “I have this kind of crazy philosophy that your grades should represent your grasp of the material and not your negotiating skills - which are amazing, by the way.”
    Greg Kinnear - Prof. Edward Alcott
    [Tag:compromise, studying, test]
  • “- Homer Simpson: Oh no, Aliens! Well, I suppose you want to probe me, might as well get it over with.
    - Kang: Stop! [tentacles quiver] We've reached the limits of what rectal probing can teach us...”

    Dan Castellaneta - Homer Simpson
    Harry Shearer - Kang
    [Tag:alien, studying]
  • “- James 'Droz' Andrews: What's your major?
    - Sanskrit Major: Sanskrit.
    - James 'Droz' Andrews: Sanskrit. You're majoring in a 5000 year-old dead language?”

    Jeremy Piven - James 'Droz' Andrews
    Joel Bissonnette - Sanskrit Major
    [Tag:language, studying]
  • “- Herman: If you can't solve a traffic accident, what are you gonna do if a crime happens?
    - Harry: Now boys, don't be riding Danny too hard. He's out to lead this town. We're lucky to have him. A Masters Degree in Criminology. Big cities fighting over him, and he comes back to his old home town to help us poor folks out.”

    Michael Currie - Herman
    Robert Englund - Harry
    [Tag:ability, scorn, studying]