“Invasion of the Body Snatchers” quotes

Movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Don Siegel directed this movie in 1956
Title Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Year 1956
Director Don Siegel
Genre Sci-Fi, Horror
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Plot – In a small town in the United States are occurring strange things. Some people seem not recognize their relatives or their closest friends. Dr. Miles examines some cases but he cannot explain the phenomenon. An explanation is that an ultra-cosmic force has invaded the town and it's copying human features. In fact, strange seeds are producing pseudo human bodies. Dr. Miles tries to give the alarm as he discovers many people are turned yet. The Body Snatchers are trying to stop him, but Miles reaches the nearest town and the authorities declare a state of emergency.
All actors – Kevin McCarthy, Dana Wynter, Larry Gates, King Donovan, Carolyn Jones, Jean Willes, Ralph Dumke, Virginia Christine, Tom Fadden, Kenneth Patterson, Guy Way, Eileen Stevens, Beatrice Maude, Jean Andren, Bobby Clark, Everett Glass, Dabbs Greer, Pat O'Malley, Guy Rennie, Marie Selland, Sam Peckinpah, Harry J. Vejar, Whit Bissell, Richard Deacon, Frank Hagney, Robert Osterloh
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  • “Even these days, it isn't as easy to go crazy as you might think. But you don't have to be losing your mind to needpsychiatric help.”
    Kevin McCarthy - Dr. Miles J. Bennell
  • “- Dr. Miles J. Bennell: A doctor's wife needs the understanding of an Einstein and the patience of a saint.
    - Becky Driscoll: And love?
    - Dr. Miles J. Bennell: I wouldn't know about that. I'm just a general practitioner. Love is handled by the specialists.”

    Kevin McCarthy - Dr. Miles J. Bennell
    Dana Wynter - Becky Driscoll
    [Tag:doctors, love, wife]
  • “The mind is a strange and wonderful thing. I'm not sure it will ever be able to figure itself out. Everything else maybe, from the atom to the universe. Everything except itself.”
    Larry Gates - Dr. Dan 'Danny' Kauffman
  • “I don't want to live in a world without love or grief or beauty, I'd rather die.”
    Dana Wynter - Becky Driscoll
    [Tag:beauty, feeling, world]
  • “There's no emotion. None. Just the pretense of it. The words, the gesture, the tone of voice, everything else is the same, but not the feeling.”
    Virginia Christine - Wilma Lentz
  • “I've been afraid a lot of times in my life. But I didn't know the real meaning of fear until... until I had kissed Becky.”
    Kevin McCarthy - Dr. Miles J. Bennell
    [Tag:fear, kiss]
  • “- Becky Driscoll: Is this an example of your bedside manner, doctor?
    - Dr. Miles J. Bennell: No, ma'am. That comes later.”

    Dana Wynter - Becky Driscoll
    Kevin McCarthy - Dr. Miles J. Bennell
  • “- Dr. Dan 'Danny' Kauffman: Love, desire, ambition, faith - without them, life's so simple, believe me.
    - Dr. Miles J. Bennell: I don't want any part of it.
    - Dr. Dan 'Danny' Kauffman: You're forgetting something, Miles.
    - Dr. Miles J. Bennell: What's that?
    - Dr. Dan 'Danny' Kauffman: You have no choice.”

    Larry Gates - Dr. Dan 'Danny' Kauffman
    Kevin McCarthy - Dr. Miles J. Bennell
    [Tag:emotion, feeling, life]
  • “In my practice, I've seen how people have allowed their humanity to drain away. Only it happened slowly instead of all at once. They didn't seem to mind... All of us - a little bit - we harden our hearts, grow callous. Only when we have to fight to stay human do we realize how precious it is to us, how dear.”
    Kevin McCarthy - Dr. Miles J. Bennell