“Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday” quotes

Movie Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday
Title Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday
Year 1993
Director Adam Marcus
Genre Horror, Thriller, Fantasy
All actors – John D. LeMay, Kari Keegan, Kane Hodder, Steven Williams, Steven Culp, Erin Gray, Rusty Schwimmer, Richard Gant, Leslie Jordan, Billy Green Bush, Kipp Marcus, Andrew Bloch
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  • “- Steven Freeman: I've got to get out of here, got to protect them.
    - Creighton Duke: The only way to do that is to kill Jason, and you can't, but Jessica can. Tell Jessica about her birthright. Make her believe you. Go to the Voorhees' house. Find proof. Because if you don't, Jason will kill her. And your baby.”

    John D. LeMay - Steven Freeman
    Steven Williams - Creighton Duke
  • “The only way to kill Jason Voorhees is to destroy his heart. And there's only one person who can do that now that Diana's dead. Her daughter.”

    Steven Williams - Creighton Duke
    [Tag:heart, killing]
  • “- Luke - Boy Camper: We're going to Camp Crystal Lake.
    - Steven Freeman: Planning on smoking a little dope, having a little premarital sex and getting slaughtered?”

    Michael B. Silver - Luke - Boy Camper
    John D. LeMay - Steven Freeman
    [Tag:mocking, planning]
  • “- Steven Freeman: Duke! The part about being reborn through a Voorhees woman, does it have to be a living woman?
    - Creighton Duke: No.
    - Steven Freeman: Duke, that thing is in the basement with Jessica's dead mother!”

    John D. LeMay - Steven Freeman
    Steven Williams - Creighton Duke
    [Tag:birth, danger, women]
  • “My professionalopinion: this guy's deader than shit.”

    Richard Gant - Coroner
    [Tag:death, opinions]
  • “Those FBI idiots destroyed Jason's body, so now he needs a new one. The ones he's jumping in and out of, they can't last. They get diseased, he gets weak. Jason needs to be reborn again and he needs Jessica to do it.”
    Steven Williams - Creighton Duke
    [Tag:body, need, weakness]
  • “This one's on the house. In a Voorhees was he born. Through a Voorhees may he be reborn. And only by the hands of a Voorhees will he die. Jason had a sister, your girlfriend's mother, Diana. Now that she's dead, he has only two blood relatives left in the world with the power to kill him or make him reborn: Jessica and her baby.”

    Steven Williams - Creighton Duke