“Joe the King” quotes

Movie Joe the King
Frank Whaley directed this movie in 1999
Title Joe the King
Year 1999
Director Frank Whaley
Genre Crime, Drama
All actors – Noah Fleiss, Karen Young, Camryn Manheim, Austin Pendleton, Val Kilmer, Max Ligosh, James Costa, Jenny Robertson, Amy Wright, Richard Bright, Raymond De Felitta, John Leguizamo
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  • “- Bob Henry: If I ask you to go up on the roof and bark like a chicken, you do it, right?
    - Joe Henry: Right!
    - Bob Henry: I don't give a fuck whether it's your bosses, whatever it is, I'm your father and you do exactly what I say. Look at me! Right?
    - Joe Henry: Right.”

    Val Kilmer - Bob Henry
    Noah Fleiss - Joe Henry
    [Tag:father, obedience]
  • Every time I turn the corner it's "When's your old man gonna pay me?" and "Tell your old man I better get my money". Brazer, Jerry, and everyone else. You owe 'em, so pay 'em. Get 'em off my back.

    Noah Fleiss - Joe Henry
    [Tag:debt, money, payment]
  • “- Roy: While you're in the bathroom, put some toilet paper in there.
    - Joe Henry: You do it. It's your jerk-off room.
    - Roy: I'll jerk your head off!”

    Richard Bright - Roy
    Noah Fleiss - Joe Henry
  • “- Bob Henry: What do you need the money for? Christ, I coulda got you the money. What the fuck d'you needmoney for? You're thirteen fucking years old.
    - Joe Henry: Fourteen.
    - Bob Henry: Well, you're not gonna see fifteen at this rate.”

    Val Kilmer - Bob Henry
    Noah Fleiss - Joe Henry
    [Tag:age, money, threat]
  • “- Jorge: I wouldn't be touchin' that if you saw the leper who was drooling all over that shit. Hey, Roy, you old fuck!
    - Roy: What?
    - Jorge: Get the boy a sandwich or something before he gets hepatitis!”

    John Leguizamo - Jorge
    Richard Bright - Roy
    [Tag:disease, eating, food]