“Life Itself” quotes

Movie Life Itself
Title Life Itself
Year 2018
Director Dan Fogelman
Genre Drama, Romance
All actors – Oscar Isaac, Olivia Wilde, Annette Bening, Mandy Patinkin, Jean Smart, Olivia Cooke, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Antonio Banderas, Laia Costa, Àlex Monner, Isabel Durant, Lorenza Izzo, Samuel L. Jackson, Jake Robinson, Adrian Marrero, Kya Kruse, Charlie Thurston, Gabby Bryan, Jordana Rose, Caitlin Carmichael, Bryant Carroll, Carmela Lloret, Grace Song, Micah Stock, Tony Manna, Yvonne Szacki, Noah Gaynor, Ed Crescimanni, Zach Page, Brian Deodat, Joe Apollonio, Mikaela Steele, Manuel Ramos Morilla, María Dolores Rodríguez Villegas, Carmen Vique Rodríguez, David Freedman, Theodore Mejia, Caridad Montanez, Javier Verdugo Luque, Pablo Lagüens Abad, Yeray Alba León, Rehan, Dale Nussbaum, María Dolores López Vera, John Brodeur, Susana G. Esteban, Kemma Filby, Luke Judy, Faith Logan, Melissa Miller, Gloria Sauve, Hannah Wood
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  • “Life brings you to your knees. It brings you lower than you think you can go. But if you stand back up and move forward, if you go just a little farther, you will always find love.”
    Laia Costa - Isabel Díaz
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  • “I crave a happy life, grandpa. I have a almost desperate craving for stability and happiness, the way fat people crave chocolate or lost hikers crave rescue. I want to live a big, great, fantastical life, but I am concerned that the tragedy that seems to follow me, the tragedy that birthed me will prevent that from ever happening.”
    Kya Kruse - Young Dylan
  • “Abby, I'm waiting for the right moment cause when I ask you out, there's not gonna be any turning back for me. I'm not gonna date anybody else for the rest of my life. I'm not gonna love anybody else for the rest of my life. I'm not gonna really care about anything else for the rest of my life. I'm waiting for the right moment, Abby 'cause when...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Oscar Isaac - Will
  • “The only truly reliable narrator is life itself. But life itself is also completely unreliable because it is constantly misdirecting and misleading us and taking us on this journey where it is literally impossible to predict where it is going to go next... Life as the ultimate Unreliable Narrator.”
    Olivia Wilde - Abby
  • “- Will: Let's get married.
    - Abby: ...We've been dating less than a year.
    - Will: I know. And I feel like I've shown incredible restraint waiting this long. I love you... but I may not be equipped to be loved this much.”

    Oscar Isaac - Will
    Olivia Wilde - Abby