“Love, Honour and Obey” quotes

Movie Love, Honour and Obey
Title Love, Honour and Obey
Year 2000
Directors Dominic Anciano, Ray Burdis
Genre Comedy, Crime
Plot – Johnny is a bored postman who lives in a London suburb. He decides to change his monotonous life making friendship with a gang of criminals. When he realizes the bosses are more interested in singing and in fighting sexual impotence, Johnny takes the initiative alone, but his imprudence triggers a war between many gangs.
All actors – Sadie Frost, Jonny Lee Miller, Jude Law, Ray Winstone, Kathy Burke, Sean Pertwee, Denise Van Outen, Rhys Ifans, Dominic Anciano, Ray Burdis, John Beckett, Trevor Laird
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  • “You could gain strength through violence and with power and control you could do anything.”
    Jonny Lee Miller - Jonny
  • “- Heckeler: When you stage kiss, do you use tounges or no tounges?
    - Sadie: Look, you.
    - Heckeler: Come on, I'm only having a joke!
    - Sadie: Oh, Look. My boyfriend's here.”

    Sam Smart - Heckeler
    Sadie Frost - Sadie
    [Tag:acting, flirting, kiss]
  • “- Ray: You get the champagne?
    - Sean: Yeah.
    - Ray: You like it?
    - Sean: No.
    - Ray: Why not?
    - Sean: The fuckin bubbles go up my nose alright! Now, where's my coke?”

    Ray Winstone - Ray Kreed
    Sean Pertwee - Sean
  • “- Jonny: Here.
    - Jude: Is that for me?
    - Jonny: Yeah. It's loaded, be careful.
    - Jude: Are we going tooled up?
    - Jonny: Yeah. I'll show you how to use it on the way down. Don't point it at anyone you like, all right?”

    Jonny Lee Miller - Jonny
    Jude Law - Jude
  • “A blade ain't a really effective weapon when you're up against someone who is trained in several different kinds of martial arts. Really, mate, these hands are like deadly weapons. I can protect myself. Come on, go for it. Stab me, you sigh.”

    Perry Benson - Perry 'Fat Alan'
    [Tag:fighting, weapons]
  • “- Sadie: What's this?
    - Ray: It's a present.
    - Sadie: Baby! What are you trying to say?
    - Ray: Well, what do you think I'm trying to say?
    - Sadie: Come on, say it.
    - Ray: Yes or no?
    - Sadie: Do you want me to marry you? Say it. Come on.
    - Ray: Yes or no?
    - Sadie: What do you mean yes or no? Are you asking me to marry you?
    - Ray: Yes or no?”

    Sadie Frost - Sadie
    Ray Winstone - Ray Kreed