“Murder at 1600” quotes

Movie Murder at 1600
Title Murder at 1600
Year 1997
Director Dwight H. Little
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Action
Plot – Detective Harlan Regis investigates the murder of a girl inside the White House. Assisted by Nina, a secret agent who has been ordered to close the case as soon as possible, Regis soon realizes the situation is more complicated than expected: other agents put themselves above the law, some documents disappear and rivalries move undercurrent. Discovering many traps, Regis tries to gain Nina's confidence and together they foil a plot against the president. When the author of the plot is unmasked, he commits suicide.
All actors – Wesley Snipes, Diane Lane, Daniel Benzali, Dennis Miller, Alan Alda, Ronny Cox, Diane Baker, Tate Donovan, Harris Yulin, Tom Wright, Nicholas Pryor, Charles Rocket
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