“Poolhall Junkies” quotes

Movie Poolhall Junkies
Title Poolhall Junkies
Year 2002
Director Mars Callahan
Genre Drama, Thriller
Plot – Obsessed by the pool table, Johnny could be one of the best players around, but his mentor and coach Joe, a shady guy who decides how and when Johnny has to play, breaks his dreams. Finally Johnny quits him, making some of his friends beat him too. Johnny forgets the pool game and when his girlfriend Tara gives him an ultimatum, he decides to find a regular job in a construction company. Johnny's new life is miserable: now the guy spends more time with his younger brother Danny, who's following his footsteps as a pool player. Joe in the meantime seeks revenge against Johnny's friends even if he's training Brad, a player as talented as Johnny. Danny and Brad challenge one another until Danny has a big debt to pay, so he steals the money to pay off Joe, but he's arrested. The only way Johnny has to pull his brother out of troubles is to play against Brad.
All actors – Chazz Palminteri, Ricky Schroder, Rod Steiger, Michael Rosenbaum, Mars Callahan, Alison Eastwood, Phillip Glasser, Anson Mount, Glenn Plummer, Richard Portnow, Ernie Reyes Jr., Peter Mark Richman
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