“Truth or Consequences, N.M.” quotes

Movie Truth or Consequences, N.M.
Kiefer Sutherland directed this movie in 1997
Title Truth or Consequences, N.M.
Year 1997
Director Kiefer Sutherland
Genre Drama, Crime, Romance, Thriller, Action
All actors – Vincent Gallo, Mykelti Williamson, Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Pollak, Kim Dickens, Grace Phillips, James McDaniel, Rick Rossovich, John C. McGinley, Max Perlich, Rod Steiger, Martin Sheen
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  • “All right, boys. Let's take a deep breath. Deflate your balls a little bit. Let some of that blood go back to your brains.”

    Kim Dickens - Addy Monroe
  • Self defense is "I hit you, you hit me", not I hit you, you kill me.
    Vincent Gallo - Raymond Lembecke
  • “It's a game out here. Everybody who plays the game understands the rules. I certainly understand the rules. The cop understands the rules. He's the good guy, I'm the bad guy, it's his job to catch me, it's my job not to get caught. And I will do everything I have to to stay ahead of the game. I've been to prison. I ain't going back. Nobody's...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Kiefer Sutherland - Curtis Freley
    [Tag:liberty, prison, rules]
  • “- Curtis Freley: Ray, if we don't kill him he's gonna tell the cops it was us.
    - Raymond Lembecke: We're gonna tie him up, we're gonna put him in the RV.
    - Curtis Freley: Jesus Christ. You guys wanna be bad guys but you don't want to kill anybody. Ray, I think you better really re-examine your commitment to your lifestyle.”

    Kiefer Sutherland - Curtis Freley
    Vincent Gallo - Raymond Lembecke