“Resident Evil” quotes

Movie Resident Evil
Paul W.S. Anderson directed this movie in 2002
Title Resident Evil
Year 2002
Director Paul W.S. Anderson
Genre Sci-Fi, Horror, Action
Plot – Something terrible is hiding inside the Hive, a vast underground laboratory run by the Umbrella Corporation. A deadly virus has been introduced into the complex, causing the Red Queen, the supercomputer that controls the Hive, to seal the entire structure. Technicians and researchers have been trapped inside and have become zombies. Alice and Rain are entrusted with the task of isolating the virus before it threatens Earth.
All actors – Ryan McCluskey, Oscar Pearce, Indra Ové, Anna Bolt, Joseph May, Robert Tannion, Heike Makatsch, Jaymes Butler, Stephen Billington, Fiona Glascott, Milla Jovovich, Eric Mabius, Colin Salmon, Martin Crewes, Pasquale Aleardi, Michelle Rodriguez, Liz May Brice, Torsten Jerabek, Marc Logan-Black, James Purefoy, Michaela Dicker, Barry Best, Jeremy Bolt, Jamie Harding, Jason Isaacs, Giovanna Spuria
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