“Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” quotes

Movie Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
Paul W.S. Anderson directed this movie in 2016
Title Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
Year 2016
Director Paul W.S. Anderson
Genre Sci-Fi, Horror, Action
Plot – After the events of "Resident Evil: Retribution", humanity is reduced to almost nothingness after Alice was betrayed by Wesker in Washington D.C. As the only survivor of the group that should have fought against the undead, she will have to go back in the place where it all started, Raccoon City, where Umbrella Corporation is gathering its forces to strike the last survivors of the Apocalypse. Alice will join in an alliance and fight the undead and the new mutant monsters. After losing her superhuman abilities, saving mankind from complete annihilation will be for Alice the most difficult adventure of her life.
All actors – Milla Jovovich, Iain Glen, Ali Larter, Shawn Roberts, Eoin Macken, Fraser James, Ruby Rose, William Levy, Rola, Ever Anderson, Mark Simpson, Milton Schorr, Siobhan Hodgson, Joon-Gi Lee, Aubrey Shelton, Caroline Midgley, Dylan Skews, Kevin Otto, Lee Raviv, Deniel Denysschen, Leo Russel, Matthew Bartman, Raquel Gecelter, Rebecca Welmans, Vian Singleton, Leigh-Anne Benham, Stephanie Hough, Dale Jackson, Christopher Duncan
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  • “Ah, how touching. The trinity of bitches, united in their hatred.”

    Iain Glen - Dr. Isaacs
  • “You're nothing more than a puppet whose strings were cut and then you wondered around for a little while thinking you were a real girl, but you're not. You're just a clever imitation, a facsimile. A rather troublesome one, at that.”

    Iain Glen - Dr. Isaacs
  • “Sometimes I feel like this has been my whole life. Running. Killing.”
    Milla Jovovich - Alice
    [Tag:killing, life]
  • “When the T-virus spread across the Earth, it did so at the speed of the modern world, carried by jetliners across the globe. The antivirus is airborne, spread by the winds. It could take years for it to reach every corner of the Earth. Until then, my work is not done. My name is Alice.”
    Milla Jovovich - Alice
    [Tag:disease, medicine]
  • “- Alice: What happened?
    - Red Queen: When Isaacs died, I could bring myself back online and stop attacks on the remaining human settlements. You saved them.
    - Alice: Why am I still alive?
    - Red Queen: The antivirus only destroyed the T-virus within your body. It didn't harm the healthy cells. You are now free of infection.”

    Milla Jovovich - Alice
    Ever Anderson - Red Queen
    [Tag:disease, survival]
  • “- Alicia Marcus: I still own 50% of this company.
    - Dr. Isaacs: And what do you intend to do with that?
    - Alicia Marcus: You are co-owner of this corporation, but Wesker... Wesker is still an employee.
    - Wesker: I don't have to take your orders. My loyalties are with him.
    - Alicia Marcus: I know. Albert Wesker, you're fired.”

    Milla Jovovich - Alicia Marcus
    Iain Glen - Dr. Isaacs
    Shawn Roberts - Wesker
    [Tag:layoff, loyalty]
  • “- Wesker: Help me.
    - Alicia Marcus: You don't need help, Wesker. You're dying. Just get on with it.”

    Shawn Roberts - Wesker
    Milla Jovovich - Alicia Marcus
    [Tag:death, helping]
  • “We had to know if you were willing to make the sacrifice, to give up your life for others. This was something no one at Umbrella would have done.”

    Ever Anderson - Red Queen
  • “Before she died, Alicia downloaded her memories for you. The childhood you never had combined with the woman she could never become.”

    Ever Anderson - Red Queen