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Movie Showtime
Title Showtime
Year 2002
Director Tom Dey
Genre Comedy, Crime, Action
Plot – Detective Mitch Preston is in trouble. After a mission, he beats a television operator so the network thinks to follow step by step the daily life of a couple of cops. Mitch is sided by Trey Sellars and Chase and the camera operators follow the odd couple in a case. Mitch has to find the owner of a rifle used during a murder and the program called "Showtime" gains much success, but Mitch and Trey are considered two fake policemen, so the captain thinks it's better to stop recording them. In the meantime, Vargas' gang robs again and thanks to a video the agents notice Charlie, a policeman who works with Vargas and who's the rifle's owner. Mitch and Trey hunt Vargas but he takes Chase as hostage, then a big shootout solves the case and trey is promoted detective, while the police district prepares the second edition of "Showtime".
All actors – Robert De Niro, Rachael Harris, Eddie Murphy, Zaid Farid, Alex Borstein, Holly Mandel, Marshall Manesh, Nestor Serrano, T.J. Cross, Mos Def, James Roday, Joel Hurt Jones, Chris Harrison, Perri Peltz, Amy Powell, Debra Snell, Chris Ufland, Pedro Damián, Peter Jacobson, Ewan Chung, Rene Russo, Drena De Niro, Andrew Wilson, Larry Joe Campbell, Reggie Gaskins, Ken Hudson Campbell, Johnnie L. Cochran Jr., Rick Cramer, Frankie Faison, Linda Hart, Kadeem Hardison, Joy Bryant, Maurice Compte, Freez Luv, Merlin Santana, Jullian Dulce Vida, Jeff Sanders, Robert Joseph, William Shatner, Judah Friedlander, Angela Alvarado, John Cariani, Kirk Ward, Reggie Jordan, Lucille M. Oliver, Callie Childers, Tom Billett, Henry Kingi, Neil Mather, Joel Elliott, Grant Sawyer, Christopher Darga, Clement Blake, Lisa Renee Pitts, Teresa DePriest, John Polce, Pat Asanti, Jon A. Barnes, Heather Charles, Lisa Danielle, Jackie Di Crystal, Richard A. Eisenstein, Sunny Malick, Chuck Murphy, Nils Oliveto, Mel Rodriguez, Luigi Francis Shorty Rossi, George Sharperson, Erica Taylor, Ken Weiner, Robert Zavala
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