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  • “Rural towns aren't always idyllic. It's easy to feel trapped and be aware of social hypocrisy.”
    Bill Pullman
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  • “The funny thing about that little white speck on the top of chicken shit, that little white speck is chicken shit too.”
    Rory Calhoun - Ernest Tucker
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  • “- Richard Newton: Hey, Brennan. I bet all your friends are gonna be staying in hotels this summer. We're gonna sleep beside pristine lakes in the great outdoors, and the beauty of it is this rig has everything! So, you'll never even know you left home.
    - Brennan Newton: That's just it, Dad: it's home, but smaller for two weeks.”

    Judge Reinhold - Richard Newton
    Joe Pichler - Brennan Newton
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  • “- Trish: Christ, do you think they even have a phone?
    - Darry: I'm guessing no phones and a lot of guns.”

    Gina Philips - Trish
    Justin Long - Darry
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  • “- Duchess the Cat: All right, for your own sake, I'll be blunt. Why do the Bosses keep ducks? To eat them. So why do the Bosses keep a pig? The fact is that animals that don't seem to have a purpose really do have a purpose. The Bosses have to eat. It's probably the most noble purpose of all, when you come to think about it.
    - Babe: They... eat...” (continue)
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    Russi Taylor - Duchess the Cat
    Christine Cavanaugh - Babe
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  • “- Kitty: How are we gonna recognise the lotto man when he comes?
    - Jackie O'Shea: He sneezes.
    - Kitty: Sneezes?
    - Jackie O'Shea: Sneezes. He gets hay fever when he's in the country.”

    Kitty Fitzgerald - Kitty
    Ian Bannen - Jackie O'Shea
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  • “Sir, I am a Navy man. Where I come from, there are no oceans. Only dirt farms and ornery mules. And no self-respecting Navy man makes a living driving mules.”
    Cuba Gooding Jr. - Chief Carl Brashear
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  • “I had a farm in Africa at the foot of the Ngong Hills. The Equator runs across these highlands, a hundred miles to the north, and the farm lay at an altitude of over six thousand feet. In the day-time you felt that you had got high up; near to the sun, but the early mornings and evenings were limpid and restful, and the nights were cold.”
    Meryl Streep - Karen
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  • “I bet you've never been camping before. It's so much fun! There's singing, marshmallows, and all sorts of stupid humans to scare!”
    Michael Oliver - Junior
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  • “Frankie, there's nothing in the world like a good feed of apples and a drink of water, and a good shit and plenty of grass to wipe your arse with.”
    Frank Laverty - Young Paddy Clohessy
  • - Karen White: There was howling just a minute ago.
    - R. William "Bill" Neill: It was probably somebody's stray dog.
    - Karen White: It didn't sound like any dog I've ever heard before.
    - R. William "Bill" Neill: Honey, you're from Los Angeles. The wildest thing you've ever heard is Wolfman Jack. This is the country.

    Dee Wallace - Karen White
    R. William "Bill" Neill - R. William "Bill" Neill
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  • “I have a friend who lives in the country, and it's supposed to be an hour from 42nd Street. A lie! The only thing that's an hour from 42nd Street is 43rd Street!”
    Sir Michael Caine - Noel Holcroft
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  • “- Pop Fisher: I'd have walked away from baseball and I'd have bought a farm.
    - Roy Hobbs: Nothing like a farm. Nothing like being around animals, fixing things. There's nothing like being in the field with the corn and the winter wheat. The greenest stuff you ever saw.”

    Wilford Brimley - Pop Fisher
    Robert Redford - Roy Hobbs
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