“Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity” quotes

Movie Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Title Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Year 1987
Director Ken Dixon
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Adventure, Action
All actors – Elizabeth Kaitan, Cindy Beal, Don Scribner, Brinke Stevens, Carl Horner, Kirk Graves, Randolph Roehbling, Bud Graves, Jeffery Blanchard, Mike Cooper, Gregory Lee Cooper, Sheila White
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  • “- Zed: I intend to hunt you.
    - Shala: You can't be serious! You're not gonna hunt women, are you?
    - Zed: I've always found the female of the species to be the greatest challenge. Far more crafty and cunning than their male counterparts. They're devious. Unpredictable. Full of surprises. Wonderful surprises.”

    Don Scribner - Zed
    Brinke Stevens - Shala
  • “- Daria: I thought I'd lost you!
    - Tisa: No such luck.
    - Daria: I guess we're still stuck with each other.
    - Tisa: I was afraid you didn't make it.
    - Daria: I know the feeling.”

    Elizabeth Kaitan - Daria
    Cindy Beal - Tisa
    [Tag:fear, feeling, loss]
  • “What a delicious day it is. Just perfect for a morning swim. Won't you come with me? Zed says the jungle is just full of danger, and I'd feel a whole lot safer with a big, strong android like you along to protect me.”
    Cindy Beal - Tisa
  • “If life wasn't so cruel, everything would be beautiful.”
    Elizabeth Kaitan - Daria
    [Tag:beauty, cruelty, life]
  • “I have a strange feeling that the normal laws of time and space no longer apply.”
    Elizabeth Kaitan - Daria
    [Tag:rules, space, time]
  • “- Zed: I have my own special philosophy, consistent with my unique lifestyle. I've always felt that the... best of life lies closest to death... living on the edge... that's where you find the thrill of life.
    - Daria: I couldn't agree with you less. The best of life lies as far from death as possible.
    - Zed: In the end, no one wins the game of...” (continue)
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    Don Scribner - Zed
    Cindy Beal - Daria