“The Bodyguard” quotes

Movie The Bodyguard
Title The Bodyguard
Year 1992
Director Mick Jackson
Genre Drama, Music, Action
Plot – Someone is trying to kill the famous rockstar Rachel Marron and the ex-CIA agent Frank Farmer looks after her. At the beginning Rachel can’t stand Farmer. Meanwhile, the mad man who sends anonymous letters to Rachel tries to reach her, but Frank stops him. The most dangerous moment is at the Oscars: Rachel will be on stage, Frank will be backstage with the headset on. Even the mad man will be around. The film is all based on Kevin’s sideways smiles and Whitney’s radiant voice. The rest is negligible, including the bucolic frame, a real trick to lengthen the movie. Perhaps the film was successful just because of the hit "I'll Always Love You" - but it’s necessary to wait two hours and ten minutes to listen to it for the first time.
All actors – Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston, Gary Kemp, Bill Cobbs, Ralph Waite, Tomas Arana, Michele Lamar Richards, Mike Starr, Christopher Birt, DeVaughn Nixon, Gerry Bamman, Joe Urla, Tony Pierce, Charles Keating, Robert Wuhl, Debbie Reynolds, Danny Kamin, Ethel Ayler, Sean Cheesman, Richard Schiff, Chris Connelly, Nathaniel Parker, Bert Remsen, Donald Hotton, Nita Whitaker, Patricia Healy, Blumen Young, Rob Sullivan, Jennifer Lyon-Buchanan, Stephen Shellen, Victoria Bass, Abbey Vine, Phil Redrow, Joe Hess, Marta Velasco, Joe Unger, Gwen Seliger, Susan Traylor, Pat Van Patten, Shelley A. Hill, Amy Lou Dempsey, Rosie Lee Hooks, Ken Myles, Robert L. Feist, Charles Bazaldua, Tracye Logan, Art Spaan, Douglas Price, Ellin La Var, Joseph Zabrosky, Rollin Jarrett, David M. Morano, Carla Lizzette Mejia, Linda Thompson, David Foster, Towanna King, , Jorga Caye, Shaun Earl, John Hartman, Bruce Holman, Al Kamarr, Dan Koko, David Joseph Martinez, L.A. Rothman, Michelle Rudy, Damon Stout, John Tesh, Mark Thomason
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