“The Evil That Men Do” quotes

Movie The Evil That Men Do
Title The Evil That Men Do
Year 1984
Director J. Lee Thompson
Genre Drama, Thriller, Action
Plot – A killer has decided to stop his bloody career and to rest in a Pacific island far from the civilized world. One day a friend preys him to punish Moloch, a doctor who tortures his patients. He has some tapes to demonstrate Moloch's actions, so the killer goes to Guatemala to look for the doctor. He challenges him inside a mine, where the workers are all Moloch's victims: thanks to the killer, they can take their personal revenge.
All actors – Charles Bronson, Theresa Saldana, Joseph Maher, José Ferrer, René Enríquez, John Glover, Raymond St. Jacques, Antoinette Bower, Enrique Lucero, Jorge Luke, Mischa Hausserman, Roger Cudney
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  • “- Cripple: Hey, mister, do you want some dope?
    - Holland: Er?
    - Cripple: I said, dope. Do you want any?
    - Holland: Do you have elephant?
    - Cripple: Heh?
    - Holland: Do you have Mingtoydop?
    - Cripple: Heh?
    - Holland: I guess you don't.”

    Carlos Romano - Cripple
    Charles Bronson - Holland
  • “- Holland: You know, me and Nancy, we've been into a lot of things. We learned tricks you wouldn't believe. We've been into things like wife-swapping... You married?
    - Randolph: No, I'm divorced. But remember, three's a company and four is definitely a crowd. Man, I am down for anything or anybody.
    - Holland: Three is all right with me.”

    Charles Bronson - Holland
    Raymond St. Jacques - Randolph
    [Tag:proposals, sex]
  • “My brother had a great deal to do with making this country secure, Victor. If his work should have earned us a welcome anywhere, it's here.”

    Antoinette Bower - Claire
    [Tag:america, safety]
  • “- Rhiana: You read lips?
    - Holland: Yes.
    - Rhiana: I'm sorry. I now realize I was mistaken.
    - Holland: Decided I don't look like a killer?
    - Rhiana: I've decided I should keep my opinions to myself.”

    Theresa Saldana - Rhiana
    Charles Bronson - Holland
    [Tag:mistake, opinions]
  • “Life just gets dull and nothing like a little variety to spice things up.”
    Raymond St. Jacques - Randolph
    [Tag:dullness, life]
  • “- Aristos: There is a problem, Clement. The Council for Central American States has just concluded its meetings in Costa Rica.
    - Claire: Hypocrites. Every government represented condems my brother publicly and then welcomes him privately.
    - Aristos: They have called for another meeting and study of human rights violations.
    - Molloch: Human...” (continue)
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    Enrique Lucero - Aristos
    Antoinette Bower - Claire
    Joseph Maher - Molloch
  • “- Hector Lomelin: We haven't discussed your fee.
    - Holland: Oh well, don't worry about it. I don't want the money.”

    Jose Ferrer - Hector Lomelin
    Charles Bronson - Holland