“The Golden Child” quotes

Movie The Golden Child
Title The Golden Child
Year 1986
Director Michael Ritchie
Genre Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Action
Plot – According to an esoteric Eastern sect, every thousand generations a child with superpowers brings peace and harmony to the world. However, the evil Sardo Numspa finds out that this child is born, so he kidnaps him in order to kill him as soon as possible. The members of the sect ask an expert about missing children from California, Chandler Jarrell, to free the kid. At the beginning, Jarrell is skeptical about it, but then he is involved in the case, also because the beautiful Kee Nang begs him to carry on. They go through several adventures, including the rescue of a sacred knife and a trip to the cold and mysterious Tibet. At the end, they defeat the “Devil” and after freeing the child, Chandler and Kee live together in California.
All actors – J.L. Reate, Eddie Murphy, Charles Dance, Charlotte Lewis, Victor Wong, Randall 'Tex' Cobb, James Hong, Shakti Chen, Tau Logo, Tiger Chung Lee, Pons Maar, Peter Kwong, Wally Taylor, Eric Douglas, Charles Levin, Kenneth H. Frith Jr., Bennett Ohta, Kinko Tsubouchi, Govind Chipalu, Chantara Nop, Phok Ok, Bob Tzudiker, Cliffy Magee, Jeff Soo Hoo, Bindra Joshi, Judy Hudson, Ron Packham, Marilyn Schreffler, Frank Welker, Aron Kincaid, Gene LeBell, Ron Veto
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