“The Hanoi Hilton” quotes

Movie The Hanoi Hilton
Title The Hanoi Hilton
Year 1987
Director Lionel Chetwynd
Genre Drama, War
Interpreted by
All actors – Michael Moriarty, John Edwin Shaw, Ken Wright, Paul Le Mat, David Soul, Stephen Davies, Lawrence Pressman, Doug Savant, David Anthony Smith, Jeffrey Jones, John Vargas, Rick Fitts
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  • “I thought we'd never lose a battle. Any battle. And I'm so ashamed. But that means that we've gotta' stick together - you and me, and - and everyone who broke. We gotta' hang in. We gotta' survive. 'Cause we got to see home. We've got to see home.”
    Michael Moriarty - Williamson
    [Tag:battle, home, winning]
  • “We will manipulate the enemy, but we will not antagonize him needlessly. You catch more flies with honey, than with vinegar.”
    Lawrence Pressman - Cathcart
  • “You hang tough as long as you can. Every time they don't beat you they lose. Every time they don't break us we win. And when they torture you... try to concentrate on the places that don't hurt.”

    Stephen Davies - Miles
  • “- Williamson: The South Vietnamese want to establish a country with values similar to our own. I think we ought to help.
    - Shipboard Journalist: And what values are those?
    - Williamson: Freedom, the right to think for yourself, follow your own faith - you know, individual freedom.”

    Michael Moriarty - Williamson
    D. Paul Thomas - Shipboard Journalist
  • “I do not believe my death will help win the war. It seems that people at home no longer care anyway. I die not so much for love of country, as for love of countrymen.”

    Jeffrey Jones - Fischer
    [Tag:death, patriotism, war]
  • “No matter what they do to us, we are Americans. If we help, and support, one another, we... will... prevail.”

    Lawrence Pressman - Cathcart