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  • “He's nothing but a low-down, double-dealing, backstabbing, larcenous perverted worm! Hanging's too good for him. Burning's too good for him! He should be torn into little bitsy pieces and buried alive!”

    Rodger Bumpass - Hanover Fiste
    [Tag:killing, torture, treachery]
  • “I never knew Japan when it was a country of light, but I have never known it to be as dark as it is now. All our progress has ended in new persecution, new repression, new suffering. They use ladles filled with holes so the drops would come out slowly, and the pain would be prolonged. Each small splash of the water was like a burning coal. The...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Liam Neeson - Ferreira
    [Tag:heresy, japan, torture]
  • - Nicki Brand: What's this? "Videodrome"?
    - Max Renn: Torture. Murder.
    - Nicki Brand: Sounds great.
    - Max Renn: Ain't exactly sex.
    - Nicki Brand: Says who?

    Debbie Harry - Nicki Brand
    James Woods - Max Renn
    [Tag:movie, murder, torture]
  • “- Bruce Wayne: Why didn't you just... kill me?
    - Bane: You don't fear death... You welcome it. Your punishment must be more severe.
    - Bruce Wayne: Torture?
    - Bane: Yes. But not of your body... Of your soul.”

    Tom Hardy - Bane
    Christian Bale - Bruce Wayne
    [Tag:soul, torture]
  • The word "torture" doesn't appear in our orders. We've always spoken of interrogation as the only valid method in a police operation directed against unknown enemies. As for the NLF, they request that their members, in the event of capture, should maintain silence for twenty-four hours, and then they may talk. So, the organization has already... (continue)(continue reading)
    Jean Martin - Col. Mathieu
    [Tag:enemy, torture]
  • “They's no torture on earth to equal the torture which a cold woman inflicts on a man. They's no torture to compare with it!”
    Karl Malden - Archie Lee Meighan
    [Tag:men, sex, torture, women]
  • “Soviet method is more economical.”

    Arnold Schwarzenegger - Ivan Danko
    [Tag:russians, torture]
  • “- Ichabod Crane: The millennium is almost upon us. In a few months, we will be living in the nineteenth century. But our courts continue to rely on medieval devices of torture.
    - High Constable: Stand down.
    - Ichabod Crane: I stand up for sense and justice.”

    Johnny Depp - Ichabod Crane
    Alun Armstrong - High Constable
    [Tag:justice, progress, torture]
  • “- Sharkey: How is he?
    - James Bond: His left leg's gone below the knee. But they might be able to save his arm.
    - Rasmussen: You can bet it was a chainsaw. Colombians love to use them on informers. Hell, they sell more here than the state of Oregon.
    - Sharkey: Chainsaw my ass. I know a shark bite when I see one.”

    Frank McRae - Sharkey
    Timothy Dalton - James Bond
    Enrique Novi - Rasmussen
    [Tag:animals, drugs, torture]
  • “- Cliff: This Costume Killer does horrible, horrible things. Injects his victims with window cleaner, puts weird costumes on 'em, puts plastic bags over their heads, and asphyxiates them.
    - Max: No you're right, there's nothing polite about him.”

    Ronald Francis Perlman - Cliff
    Arye Gross - Max
    [Tag:murder, politeness, torture]
  • “They could pump a million volts in me. They could bust my fingers, one bye one, by one, by one. They could dig out my eyes. But... No country-western music, please. Every man has his limits.”
    T. Ryder Smith - The Trickster
    [Tag:music, torture]
  • “You want to torture me, but I can simply kill myself first. Do you want revenge, or do you want the truth?”
    Ji-tae Yu - Woo-jin Lee
    [Tag:suicide, torture, truth]
  • “Do you believe that I'm going into politics so I can become a corrupt son of a bitch who sells electrodes to the Chilean secret police?”
    Billy Crudup - Fielding Pierce
    [Tag:corruption, politics, torture]
  • “Torture? Is this torture to you? Because wow, I guess you've never read anything about Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch, because this is nothing.”
    Ellen Page - Hayley Stark
  • “What if what they really want is for us to herd our children into stadiums like we're doing? And put soldiers on the street and have Americans looking over their shoulders? Bend the law, shred the Constitution just a little bit? Because if we torture him, General, we do that and everything we have fought, and bled, and died for is over. And...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Denzel Washington - Anthony Hubbard
    [Tag:fear, terrorism, torture]
  • “- Police Constable Cochrane: So what's the pay like then?
    - Wallace Ritchie: They pay all your expenses, you're licensed to kill, but there's a down side.
    - Police Constable Cochrane: What's that?
    - Wallace Ritchie: Torture.
    - Police Constable Cochrane: There's the women, though.
    - Wallace Ritchie: Well, they're nice after the torture. Believe me.”

    Roger Morlidge - Police Constable Cochrane
    Bill Murray - Wallace Ritchie
    [Tag:money, torture, women]
  • “Darwin, this is supposed to be torture, not therapy.”

    Sandra Bernhard - Minerva Mayflower
    [Tag:helping, torture]
  • “- Joe Devine: What are you gonna do to me?
    - Ed Rossi, Jr.: Movie starts in three minutes. If you don't tell us where the money is, we're gonna cut your fingers off during the opening credits.
    - Wally Kamin: Titles. Credits come at the end of the movies. Titles come first.
    - Ed Rossi, Jr.: Fine. Titles. We're gonna cut 'em off during the fuckin'...” (continue)
    (continue reading)
    Alec Baldwin - Joe Devine
    Michael Papajohn - Ed Rossi, Jr.
    Jon Polito - Wally Kamin
    [Tag:money, threat, torture]
  • “- Nick Rice: What principle was at work when you tortured and killed those people?
    - Clyde Shelton: That everyone must be held accountable for their actions.”

    Jamie Foxx - Nick Rice
    Gerard Butler - Clyde Shelton
    [Tag:justice, revenge, torture]
  • “A man who betrays his culture shouldn't preach about its customs. There was a time I would have wished you dead but your shame will be your torture and your torture will be your life. I wish it to be long.”
    Brad Pitt - Heinrich Harrer
    [Tag:culture, torture, treason]
  • - Flanagan: What the hell are you doing? Leave him alone!
    - Cpl. Joseph L. DiNardo: Look lady, this is called "extracting infromation". Do you understand that?
    - Flanagan: So we torture prisoners now, do we?
    - Cpl. Joseph L. DiNardo: You're goddamn right! This ain't Nebraska, lady.

    Margaret Gerard - Flanagan
    Wings Hauser - Cpl. Joseph L. DiNardo
    [Tag:prison, torture]
  • “- Chomina: Tomorrow do not cry out.
    - Daniel: If we do cry out, will they stop?
    - Chomina: No, they will not stop. But if you cry out when you die, they will have your spirit.”

    August Schellenberg - Chomina
    Aden Young - Daniel
    [Tag:crying, soul, torture]
  • “- W.W. Douglas: If you're headin' up to old Curly's I can save you the journey. Skeeters got him last spring. Ate through his eyelids and pumped him full of poison. Curly finally got a gun and blew his brains out.
    - Albert Johnson: That's one way to stop the buzzin'.”

    Steve Finkel - W.W. Douglass
    Charles Bronson - Albert Johnson
    [Tag:suicide, torture]
  • “We're soldiers. It's my profession and I'm proud of it. Nobody said you had to be crap at it. As for the men who tortured us, they had a job to do as well. It's just that some of them enjoyed it a but too much. If I met any of them in the street tomorrow, and thought I could get away with it, I'd slot them.”
    Sean Bean - Andy McNab
    [Tag:job, soldiers, torture]
  • “- Inspector Popil: Klaus Barbie shipped the children to Auschwitz. Who told him where the children were hidden? Did you tell him?
    - Prisoner Louis: When they broke my fingers, I gave them Pardou. Pardou knew where the children were hidden. He's mayor of Belleville now.”

    Dominic West - Inspector Popil
    Paul Ritter - Prisoner Louis
    [Tag:children, nazism, torture]