“Since You Went Away” quotes

Movie Since You Went Away
David O. Selznick directed this movie in 1944
Title Since You Went Away
Year 1944
Directors John Cromwell, Edward F. Cline, Tay Garnett, David O. Selznick
Genre Drama, Romance, War
Plot – Anne Hilton's husband is called back to fight in World War II. The woman has to support her daughters Jane and Bridget despite her anxieties and fears. Jane is worried too for her boyfriend at the front. The fate marks them deeply, but Anne continues to be for everyone an example of courage, will and dedication.
All actors – Claudette Colbert, Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten, Shirley Temple, Monty Woolley, Lionel Barrymore, Robert Walker, Hattie McDaniel, Agnes Moorehead, Alla Nazimova, Albert Bassermann, Gordon Oliver
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  • “I wish my little boy had lived, so he could have seen America. I used to read to him about it every night when the shades were drawn and the sound of heavy boots marching down the street made my poor little Janka shake until I thought his bones would crack.”

    Alla Nazimova - Zofia Koslowska
  • “- Cpl. Bill Smollett 2nd: You will marry me when it's over, won't you, Jane? You won't be mad at me because I didn't marry you now?
    - Jane Hilton: Of course I won't be mad. But you take care of yourself.”

    Robert Walker - Cpl. Bill Smollett 2nd
    Jennifer Jones - Jane Hilton
  • “- Cpl. Bill Smollett 2nd: I don't want to leave you!
    - Jane Hilton: It won't be for long, darling.
    - Cpl. Bill Smollett 2nd: It might be for months, or for years, maybe.
    - Jane Hilton: It doesn't matter. I'll be thinking about you all the time. Someday the war will be over, and then we can be...
    - Cpl. Bill Smollett 2nd: Then we can be married,...” (continue)
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    Robert Walker - Cpl. Bill Smollett 2nd
    Jennifer Jones - Jane Hilton
    [Tag:leaving, marriage, war]
  • “- Anne Hilton: When a man goes off to war, we have to be... the telegram came just a few minutesago. It was addressed to you, but I opened it.
    - Jane Hilton: Did it say he was missing, or what? I don't care if he's wounded, I don't care what's happened to him, if only...
    - Anne Hilton: No, dear, it said he... died in action at Salerno.”

    Claudette Colbert - Anne Hilton
    Jennifer Jones - Jane Hilton
    [Tag:death, letters, war]
  • “- Jane Hilton: You're fine and strong, but you're just sensitive, that's all.
    - Cpl. Bill Smollett 2nd: But don't you think I'm a failure after everything I've told you?
    - Jane Hilton: A failure? Just because you're not an officer? Why, an officer I know, he said that you are the boys doing the fighting.”

    Jennifer Jones - Jane Hilton
    Robert Walker - Cpl. Bill Smollett 2nd
  • “- Jane Hilton: His burns seem almost healed.
    - Dr. Sigmund Gottlieb Golden: Yes, his burns, but the most seriousinjury - that, I'm afraid, will take more time.
    - Jane Hilton: The injury to his mind? Is that what you mean?
    - Dr. Sigmund Gottlieb Golden: No, not to his mind. To his confidence, in himself and in others.”

    Jennifer Jones - Jane Hilton
    Albert Bassermann - Dr. Sigmund Gottlieb Golden
  • “- Lt. Tony Willett: You could never look terrible. You're pretty, that's what you are.
    - Jane Hilton: Don't laugh at me.
    - Lt. Tony Willett: I never laugh at anybody I love. And I've loved you from the moment you were born.”

    Joseph Cotten - Lt. Tony Willett
    Jennifer Jones - Jane Hilton
    [Tag:compliments, love]
  • “Honey, you mustn't fool yourself! That would be the worst thing of all. You've got to face it, as hard and cruel as it is. Cry, darling. Cry your heart out. I won't try to tell you that you'll get over it soon, because it will take time - maybe a long time.”

    Claudette Colbert - Anne Hilton
    [Tag:acceptance, loss, time]
  • - Jane Hilton: "Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa". What about yourself? Why is it so important that you satisfy him, the old...
    - Cpl. Bill Smollett 2nd: Because he loved me so. I'm sure he did - once. But all through military school, from the time I was eight years old, I kept letting him down.

    Jennifer Jones - Jane Hilton
    Robert Walker - Cpl. Bill Smollett 2nd
  • “- Cpl. Bill Smollett 2nd: You know it's because I wouldn't want you to be... you know, if anything happened to me...
    - Jane Hilton: A widow, you mean.
    - Cpl. Bill Smollett 2nd: Yes, but not only that. If something happened - I mean, if I was...
    - Jane Hilton: If you were wounded? Bill, I'd take care of you the rest of our lives, always.”

    Robert Walker - Cpl. Bill Smollett 2nd
    Jennifer Jones - Jane Hilton