“The Onion Field” quotes

Movie The Onion Field
Title The Onion Field
Year 1979
Director Harold Becker
Genre Crime, Drama
Plot – Jimmy Smith is a young petty thief. He's released from prison and goes to visit his friend Greg and together they plan a theft. When they wander the city during the night, they are stopped by two police officers and Greg points the gun at them, then in a field of onions he shots one of the policeman. Greg and Jimmy are accused, but Smith tries in vain to declare he's innocent.
All actors – John Savage, James Woods, Franklyn Seales, Ted Danson, Ronny Cox, David Huffman, Christopher Lloyd, Dianne Hull, Priscilla Pointer, Beege Barkette, Richard Herd, Le Tari
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  • “- Det. Karl Francis Hettinger: You feel like another piece?
    - Det. Ian James Campbell: Nah, I just got my weight below 200.
    - Det. Karl Francis Hettinger: At least you're tall enough to carry it. Married life's making me feel like an avocado with feet.”

    John Savage - Det. Karl Francis Hettinger
    Ted Danson - Det. Ian James Campbell
  • “- Det. Sgt. Pierce R. Brooks: Has your conscience ever bothered you? Like feeling - guilty?
    - Jimmy Smith: Mr. Brooks... I believe... I think that is something that rich white guys dreamed up to keep guys like me down. I honestly don't believe there is such a thing... such a feeling. Guilty? That's just something the Man says in court when your...” (continue)
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    Ronny Cox - Det. Sgt. Pierce R. Brooks
    Franklyn Seales - Jimmy Lee 'Youngblood' Smith
  • “That's the onions. It makes you eyes water.”

    John Savage - Det. Karl Francis Hettinger
  • “Any man who gives up his gun to some punk is a coward. Any man who does can kiss his badge goodbye, if I can help it. You're policemen. Put your trust in God.”
    Ned Wilson - LAPD Captain
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