“Body Heat” quotes

Movie Body Heat
Lawrence Kasdan directed this movie in 1981
Title Body Heat
Year 1981
Director Lawrence Kasdan
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller
Plot – Ned Racine is a lawyer in Miranda Beach, Florida. He is strongly attracted to a woman he has met by chance, Matty Walker, who returns his attentions. More meetings follow the first one. Matty's husband, Edmund, a rich clever businessman runs businesses that are not always legit. Matty, who grows closer and closer to Ned, understands that if their relationship were to be discovered they would run serious risks. Skillfully she brings Ned to the conclusion that the only way to be safe is to physically get rid of Edmund.
All actors – William Hurt, Kathleen Turner, Richard Crenna, Ted Danson, J.A. Preston, Mickey Rourke, Kim Zimmer, Jane Hallaren, Lanna Saunders, Carola McGuinness, Michael Ryan, Larry Marko, Deborah Lucchesi, Lynn Hallowell, Thom Sharp, Ruth Thom, Diane Lewis, Robert Traynor, Meg Kasdan, Ruth P. Strahan, Filomena Triscari, Bruce A. Lee, Ramiro Velasco, Tomas Choy, Servio T. Moreno
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