“Thumb Wars: The Phantom Cuticle” quotes

Movie Thumb Wars: The Phantom Cuticle
Title Thumb Wars: The Phantom Cuticle
Year 1999
Director Steve Oedekerk
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy, Short
All actors – Steve Oedekerk, Andrea Fears, Ross Shafer, Rob Paulsen, Paul Greenberg, Jim Jackman, Mark DeCarlo, Jim Hope, David Floyd, Megan Cavanagh
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  • “- Loke Groundrunner: I will go with you and fight!
    - Oobedoob Benubi: Oh, big sacrifice; everyone you knew is dead! Glad you could tear yourself away!”

    Steve Oedekerk - Loke Groundrunner
    Rob Paulsen - Oobedoob Benubi
  • “- Black Helmet Man: Loke, I am your mother!
    - Loke Groundrunner: No!
    - Black Helmet Man: Mama's gonna teach you some manners!”

    Mark DeCarlo - Black Helmet Man
    Steve Oedekerk - Loke Groundrunner
    [Tag:manners, mother, son]
  • “Why is it that we all speak in British accents, when we're from outer space where there's no Britain?”
  • “You'll never get away with this, Black Helmet Man! You are bad! You are bad and we are good! Your badness will be the end of you, and our goodness will be our triumph! Bad is bad - good is good! Bad-bad-good-bad! Good-good-bad-good, bad! Good.”
    Andrea Fears - Princess Bunhead
    [Tag:badness, goodness]
  • “- Oobedoob Benubi: I am Oobedoob Benubi. I have the silliest name in the galaxy.
    - Loke Groundrunner: What's your middle-name?
    - Oobedoob Benubi: Scooby-Dooby.
    - Loke Groundrunner: Oobedoob Scooby-Dooby Benubi?
    - Oobedoob Benubi: One and the same.”

    Rob Paulsen - Oobedoob Benubi
    Steve Oedekerk - Loke Groundrunner
    [Tag:name, ridicule]
  • “Crying is for little girls, babies and men who just had their ears ripped off.”
    Rob Paulsen - Oobedoob Benubi
    [Tag:crying, pain]
  • “- Loke Groundrunner: I'm going to trust my feelings and use the power of the thumb.
    - Voice of Oobedoob Benubi: Use the instrument panel, Loke.
    - Loke Groundrunner: What?
    - Voice of Oobedoob Benubi: The instrument panel. That's what it's there for. Advanced weaponry designed to hit tiny targets.
    - Loke Groundrunner: Ok, ok.”

    Steve Oedekerk - Loke Groundrunner
    Rob Paulsen - Oobedoob Benubi
    [Tag:trust, weapons]