“Die Hard 2” quotes

Movie Die Hard 2
Renny Harlin directed this movie in 1990
Title Die Hard 2
Year 1990
Director Renny Harlin
Genre Thriller, Action
Plot – Police Lieutenant John McClane is waiting the arrival of her wife Holly at Washington airport. Meanwhile, a team of mercenaries headed by Colonel Stuart, a former officer of the US Army, takes possession of the airport control system to simplify the release of General Esperanza, a South American dictator accused of drug dealing, who is travelling as a prisoner on a US military plane headed to Washington. McClane knows Stuart's cruelty and he's anxious for his wife so he decides to intervene, despite the arrival of a special team of marksmen. After brutal ups and downs, McClane eliminates all the terrorists and Esperanza too.
All actors – Bruce Willis, Bonnie Bedelia, William Atherton, Reginald VelJohnson, Franco Nero, William Sadler, John Amos, Dennis Franz, Art Evans, Fred Dalton Thompson, Tom Bower, Sheila McCarthy, Don Harvey, Tony Ganios, Peter Nelson, Robert Patrick, Mick Cunningham, John Leguizamo, Tom Verica, John Costelloe, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Mark Boone Junior, Ken Baldwin, Danny Weselis, Jeff Langton, Gregg Kovan, Danial Donai, Don Charles McGovern, Bob 'Rocky' Cheli, Vincent Mazella Jr., Dale Jacoby, Patrick O'Neal, Ben Lemon, Jason Ross-Azikiwe, Anthony Droz, Michael Francis Clarke, Steve Pershing, Tom Everett, Sherry Bilsing, Karla Tamburrelli, Jeanne Bates, Colm Meaney, Stephen Gregory Foster, James Lancaster, Amanda Hillwood, Felicity Waterman, Alan Berger, Vance Valencia, Gilbert Garcia, Julian Reyes, Richard Domeier, David Katz, Robert Lipton, Rob Steinberg, Paul Abascal, John Rubinow, Bob Braun, Dominique Jennings, Carol Barbee, Jerry E. Parrott, Martin Lowery, Robert Sacchi, Dick McGarvin, Edward Gero, Stafford Morgan, Robert J. Bennett, Nick Angotti, Jim Hudson, Tom Finnegan, Thomas Tofel, Earl Houston Bullock, Wynn Irwin, Rande Scott, Ken Smolka, Robert Costanzo, Lauren Letherer, Connie Lillo-Thieman, Ed DeFusco, Charles Lanyer, Bill Smillie, Dwayne Hargray, John Cade, Paul Bollen, Joseph Michael Roth, David Willis Sr., , George Fisher, Dean Wein, Dru Berrymore, Robert M. Bouffard, Jorga Caye, Reggie Luck, Michael Luggio, Russell McConnell, Dana Vargas, James Wellington
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  • “And where do we get those big portable lights? Borrow them from Batman?”

    Art Evans - Barnes
  • “If Esperanza gets on that plane and makes it to a country that has no extradition treaties, we're fucked.”
    Bruce Willis - John McClane
    [Tag:country, law, prison]
  • “McClane, what the hell do you think you're doing out there, huh? Playing John Wayne? How'd ya like to spend the rest of the night in a cell?”

    Dennis Franz - Carmine Lorenzo
    [Tag:crime, heroes]
  • “- Holly McClane: Listen Dick. That is your name? Dick. If you're gonna continue to get this close do you think you might consider switching aftershaves?
    - Thornberg: Anything else?
    - Holly McClane: Stronger mouthwash would be nice.”

    Bonnie Bedelia - Holly McClane
    William Atherton - Thornberg
  • “- Barnes: This kind of thing wasn't in my job description.
    - Sergeant: Don't worry, Mr. Barnes. We'll watch your back.
    - Barnes: Yeah? Who watches yours?”

    Art Evans - Barnes
    Ben Lemon - Sergeant
    [Tag:ability, job, rescue]
  • “I can't fucking believe this. Another basement, another elevator. How can the same shit happen to the same guy twice?”
    Bruce Willis - John McClane
    [Tag:luck, pessimism]
  • “- Holly McClane: Honey, it's the '90s, remember? Microchips, microwaves, faxes, air phones.
    - John McClane: Hey, well, as far as I'm concerned, progress peaked with frozen pizza.”

    Bonnie Bedelia - Holly McClane
    Bruce Willis - John McClane
  • - John McClane: Hey, Colonel. Blow me! How much drug money is Esperanza paying you to turn traitor?
    - Stuart: I think Cardinal Richilieu said it best: "Treason is merely a matter of dates". This country's got to learn that it can't keep cutting the legs off of men like General Esperanza. Men who have the guts to stand up against Communist... (continue)
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    Bruce Willis - John McClane
    William Sadler - Stuart
  • - Samantha Coleman: Colonel Stuart, can I have a few words, please?
    - Stuart: You can have two: "fuck" and "you".

    Sheila McCarthy - Samantha Coleman
    William Sadler - Stuart
  • “You are in my little pond now, and I am the big fish that runs it.”

    Dennis Franz - Carmine Lorenzo
  • “- John McClane: Captain Lorenzo?
    - Carmine Lorenzo: Yeah.
    - John McClane: John McClane.
    - Carmine Lorenzo: Yeah, yeah. I know who you are. You're the asshole that's just broke seven FAA and five District of Columbia regulations, running around my airport with a gun, shooting at people. What do you call that shit?
    - John McClane: Self-defense.”

    Bruce Willis - John McClane
    Dennis Franz - Carmine Lorenzo
  • “Hey, Carmine, let me ask you something. What sets off the metal detectors first? The lead in your ass or the shit in your brains?”
    Bruce Willis - John McClane
  • “- John McClane: That punk pulled a Glock 7 on me. You know what that is? It's a porcelain gun made in Germany. Dosen't show up on your airport X-ray machines, here, and it cost more than you make in a month.
    - Carmine Lorenzo: You'd be a surprised what I make in a month.
    - John McClane: If it's more than a dollar ninety-eight I'd be very surprised.”

    Bruce Willis - John McClane
    Dennis Franz - Carmine Lorenzo
  • “- Thornberg: You cannot put me near that woman.
    - Stewardess: Excuse me?
    - Holly McClane: He means he's filed a restraining order against me. I'm not allowed within 50 feet of him.
    - Thornberg: 50 yards. So by keeping me in the section you are violating a court order. I can sue you and this airline. That woman assaulted me and she humiliated me...” (continue)
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    William Atherton - Thornberg
    Karla Tamburrelli - Stewardess (Northeast Plane)
    Bonnie Bedelia - Holly McClane
  • “- Esperanza: Who are you?
    - John McClane: A cop.
    - Esperanza: A cop?
    - John McClane: Yeah. One of the good guys. You see, you're one of the bad guys, and now that I got your sorry ass, I'm gonna trade it for my wife.”

    Franco Nero - Esperanza
    Bruce Willis - John McClane
  • Listen, buster, you endangered my children. And you didn't do it for anything as noble as The People. The only time you even see The People is when you look down to see what it is you're stepping on.”
    Bonnie Bedelia - Holly McClane
  • “- Grant: You're the wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    - John McClane: Story of my life.”

    John R. Amos - Grant
    Bruce Willis - John McClane
    [Tag:life, living, mistake]
  • “- Trudeau: Alright, we've got a body in the morgue that seems to have died twice. Assuming it's not a computer error, what do we assume?
    - John McClane: That somebody's about to seriously fuck with this airport.”

    Fred Thompson - Trudeau
    Bruce Willis - John McClane
    [Tag:danger, death, trouble]
  • “- Marvin: You like it, huh? How 'bout you give me twenty bucks for it?
    - John McClane: How 'bout I let you live?
    - Marvin: Man knows how to bargain.”

    Tom Bower - Marvin
    Bruce Willis - John McClane
    [Tag:agreement, safety]
  • “- John McClane: Guess I was wrong about you. You're not such an asshole after all.
    - Grant: Oh, you were right. I'm just your kind of asshole.”

    Bruce Willis - John McClane
    John R. Amos - Grant
  • “- John McClane: Excuse me, officers. This may sound like a wild goose chase, but, I think I just saw...
    - Sgt. Vito Lorenzo: Saw what?
    - John McClane: Elvis. Elvis Presley.
    - Sgt. Vito Lorenzo: Fucking tourists. Oughta be a law.”

    Bruce Willis - John McClane
    Robert Costanzo - Sgt. Vito Lorenzo
  • “- Al Powell: What's this about?
    - John McClane: Oh, just a feeling I have.
    - Al Powell: Ouch. When you get those feelings, insurance companies start to go bankrupt.”

    Reginald VelJohnson - Al Powell
    Bruce Willis - John McClane
  • “Just once, I'd like a regular, normal Christmas. Eggnog, a fuckin' Christmas tree, a little turkey. But, no. I gotta crawl around in this motherfuckin' tin can.”

    Bruce Willis - John McClane
  • “I wanted to help those people tonight. I was pretty goddamn useless.”
    Bruce Willis - John McClane
  • “- Samantha Coleman: You give me this story and I'll have your baby.
    - John McClane: Not the kind of ride I'm looking for.”

    Sheila McCarthy - Samantha Coleman
    Bruce Willis - John McClane