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10/17/12 at 4:39 AM
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  • - Dimitri Moisevitch: I want to play a game with you, Dr. Floyd.
    - Dr. Heywood Floyd: I don't have time for games.
    - Dimitri Moisevitch: This is a good game. It's called "the truth". For two minutes, I will tell only the truth, and so will you.

    Dana Elcar - Dimitri Moisevitch
    Roy Scheider - Dr. Heywood Floyd
    [Tag:game, sincerity, truth]
  • “When a man says what's right, what's good, what's real, and what's true, then his mouth is ten feet tall.”

    Harry Hamlin - Joey Popchik
  • “- Powder: It's possible to talk to someone without any lies, with no sarcasms, no deceptions, no exaggerations or any of the things that people use to confuse the truth.
    - Lindsey: I don't know a single person who does that.”

    Sean Patrick Flanery - Jeremy 'Powder' Reed
    Missy Crider - Lindsey Kelloway
    [Tag:lies, sincerity, truth]
  • “- Oscar: Boss, I think he's telling the truth.
    - Zack: I am telling the truth.
    - Stuart: Gag him.
    - Oscar: You know, boss, I think he's telling the truth. Really I...
    - Stuart: You do what I tell you! Now hold his mouth!”

    Vincent Bufano - Oscar
    John Travolta - Zack
    Richard Bright - Stuart
  • “- Kira Watanabe: I can no longer stand by, and watch you destroy their lives. I'm going to tell Chas the truth, and there's not a thing you can do to stop me.
    - Coco LaBouche: Except throw out on the curb, au revoir.”

    Julia Kato - Kira Watanabe
    Susan Sarandon - Coco LaBouche