• “- Maître d': We often color the potatoes to match the colors of the wedding.
    - Donna: Oh, yeah?
    - Maître d': But with rainbow, you can go with anything. Might I suggest a pale blue?
    - Michael: Wait a minute, wait a minute - did you say blue mashed potatoes?
    - Maître d': Yes.
    - Michael: No, we're not having blue mashed potatoes at this wedding.
    - Donna: What kind of blue?
    - Maître d': Sort of a sky blue.
    - Michael: Get out of here! I'm not eating blue food.”

    Donald Berman - Maître d'
    Annabella Sciorra - Donna
    Ron Eldard - Michael
Quote details Movie (True Love)

8/21/07 at 8:01 AM
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