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Tong Jili
Stanley Tong
April 7, 1960
film director
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Stanley Tong quotes
  • “Being a director you need to learn how to tell a story to the actors, studio executives, investors and distributors first. Otherwise you won’t have a chance to tell the story to the audience.”
    Stanley Tong
  • “Working in movies, I always believe it’s a team effort.”
    Stanley Tong
  • “I’m glad I have the honour to work with both the best male and female action stars in Hong Kong [Michelle Yeoh E Jackie Chan].”
    Stanley Tong
  • “My Hollywood experience was good and bad. The good side is working for big companies like Disney, which has to go through a lot of Hollywood procedures, learning about their point of view, how to green light a project, how to market a movie, and promotion strategy. But I don’t understand how they can waste so much money behind the screen.”
    Stanley Tong
  • “As a young director without experience and investment, I tried to do something new, something that other directors won’t want to experience. I wanted to take the risk, hoping to bring something different to the audience.”
    Stanley Tong