“52 Pick-Up” quotes

Movie 52 Pick-Up
Title 52 Pick-Up
Year 1986
Director John Frankenheimer
Genre Crime, Thriller
Plot – Harry Mitchell, an entrepreneur of ​​Los Angeles, has fallen into the clutches of a trio of blackmailers, who are in possession of two videotapes. In the first tape he is in a motel with a supermodel, but that was just a one night stand; in the second tape, he is filmed witnessing the ruthless murder of the girl, who was killed by the trio with Mitchell's stolen gun. All this is at the base of the odious case of blackmail which takes place when Mitchell's wife Barbara decides to devote herself to politics. After he confesses his situation, she first feels humiliated and upset, but soon decides to help her husband, obviously giving up her own plans. Mitchell does not report his blackmailers to the local police and begins to investigate on his own. He discovers that the blackmailers - the perverse and cynical Alan Raimy, the fragile Leo Franks and the cruel Jim O'Boyle – make a living by exploiting human vices, managing a strip-club from which they make easy money. Mitchell manages to wrest some clues from Doreen, a beautiful girl exploited by O'Boyle and friend of the late model. He individually contacts the members of the plot, making them suspicious of each other, with the promise to pay them off right away: fifty-two thousand US dollars. The giant Jim kills Leo and then Alan - who meanwhile has seized, drugged and raped Barbara - kills Jim. Mitchell decides to take revenge on Alan: he gives him all his money, plus his Jaguar, which he loads with explosives, and kills the wicked Alan.
All actors – Roy Scheider, Ann-Margret, Vanity, John Glover, Robert Trebor, Lonny Chapman, Kelly Preston, Doug McClure, Clarence Williams III, Alex Henteloff, Michelle Walker, Philip Bartko
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  • “- Alan Raimy: We got a little problem. We killed somebody, he saw it on the movie, and now he knows about us. That's why one of us is going to have to blow him away.
    - Bobby Shy: Now, what do I get out of it?
    - Alan Raimy: Peace of mind.
    - Bobby Shy: I look nervous to you?”

    John Glover - Alan Raimy
    Clarence Williams III - Bobby Shy
  • “I must have thought I was falling in love. What an asshole.”
    Roy Scheider - Harry Mitchell
  • “- Alan Raimy: Don't touch me!
    - Harry Mitchell: There's something about your face that makes me want to slap the shit out of it!”

    John Glover - Alan Raimy
    Roy Scheider - Harry Mitchell
    [Tag:face, fighting, threat]
  • “When a man pulls shit on me he is either very brave or very stoned.”
    Clarence Williams III - Bobby Shy
  • “You're after something... and it ain't my pussy!”
    Vanity - Doreen
    [Tag:goals, purpose]
  • - Alan Raimy: I asked the guy: "Who told you where to find me?". He said it was you.
    - Leo Franks: I didn't tell him! I didn't even tell him your first name!
    - Alan Raimy: It could have been someone else.
    - Leo Franks: What about Doreen? She went out with him!
    - Bobby Shy: She wouldn't talk to him.
    - Alan Raimy: How do you know that?
    - Bobby Shy... (continue)
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    John Glover - Alan Raimy
    Robert Trebor - Leo Franks
    Clarence Williams III - Bobby Shy