“Avanti!” quotes

Movie Avanti!
Title Avanti!
Year 1972
Director Billy Wilder
Genre Comedy, Romance
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Plot – Wendell Ambruster Junior, a 42-year-old industrialist, travels to the island of Ischia to collect his departed father, Wendell Ambruster Senior, who died in an accident, and take him to America, where a grand funeral is being prepared. During his trip, Wendell meets Pamela Piggott, a woman from London, that has come to Ischia to collect her mother's body. Cathrine, the girl's mother, has been Wendell Senior's lover for two years and has died in the same accident.
All actors – Jack Lemmon, Juliet Mills, Clive Revill, Edward Andrews, Gianfranco Barra, Franco Angrisano, Pippo Franco, Franco Acampora, Giselda Castrini, Raffaele Mottola, Lino Coletta, Harry Ray, Guidarino Guidi, Giacomo Rizzo, Antonino Faà di Bruno, Yanti Somer, Janet Agren, María Rosa Sclauzero, Melù Valente, Aldo Rendine, , Bruno Alias, Sergio Bruni, Pasquale Campagnola, Lella Cattaneo, Nestore Cavaricci, Enrico Cesaretti, Armando De Martino, Giorgio Dolfin, Andrea Esterhazy, Ferruccio Fregonese, Ettore Geri, Armando Giovagnoli, Ty Hardin, Margherita Horowitz, Silvio Klein, Alba Maiolini, Giuseppe Marrocco, Anna Maria Perego, Luigi Scavran, Pupita Lea Scuderoni, Maria Tedeschi, Giuseppe Terranova, Bruno Tocci, Sandra Wolff, Lidia Zanussi
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  • “Miss Piggott! Please keep in mind that it's Sunday, and this is a Catholic country!”

    Jack Lemmon - Wendell Armbruster, Jr.
  • “- J.J. Blodgett: We're appointing your father commercial attaché to the embassy in Rome, and that entitles him to all the rights and immunities of a diplomat.
    - Wendell Armbruster: But wait a minute, we're going to appoint him...
    - J.J. Blodgett: Why not?
    - Wendell Armbruster: A dead man?
    - J.J. Blodgett: Just proves that we don't discriminate...” (continue)
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    Edward Andrews - J.J. Blodgett
    Jack Lemmon - Wendell Armbruster, Jr.
  • “- Wendell Armbruster: Is this how justice works in Italy?
    - Carlo Carlucci: Shold we talk about Sacco and Vanzetti?”

    Jack Lemmon - Wendell Armbruster, Jr.
    Clive Revill - Carlo Carlucci
    [Tag:italy, justice]
  • “- J.J. Blodgett: Maybe it's one of those Greek islands?
    - Helicopter pilot: No sir, Greece is way to the left.
    - J.J. Blodgett: Not as long as I am with the State Department!”

    Edward Andrews - J.J. Blodgett
    Ty Hardin - Helicopter Pilot
    [Tag:parties, place]
  • “I don't object to foreignersspeaking a foreign language. I just wish they'd all speak the same foreign language.”
    Edward Andrews - J.J. Blodgett
  • “- Pamela Piggott: I guess there is something to what it says in the tourist guide.
    - Wendell Armbruster: What does it say?
    - Pamela Piggott: It says Italy is not a country - it's an emotion.
    - Wendell Armbruster: Well, it's certainly been an experience!”

    Juliet Mills - Pamela Piggott
    Jack Lemmon - Wendell Armbruster, Jr.
    [Tag:emotion, italy]
  • “- Carlo Carlucci: In Italy, the lunch hour is from one to four.
    - Wendell Armbruster: Three hours for lunch?
    - Carlo Carlucci: Mr. Armbruster. Here we do not rush to drugstore for chicken sandwich & Coca-Cola. Here, we take our time. We cook our pasta, we sprinkle our Parmigiano, we drink our wine, we make our love...
    - Wendell Armbruster: What...” (continue)
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    Clive Revill - Carlo Carlucci
    Jack Lemmon - Wendell Armbruster, Jr.
    [Tag:habit, italy]
  • “- Carlo Carlucci: While you are here, maybe you should take some mud baths.
    - Wendell Armbruster: No thanks, I had one on the train.
    - Carlo Carlucci: On the train?
    - Wendell Armbruster: I drank it. They call it espresso.”

    Clive Revill - Carlo Carlucci
    Jack Lemmon - Wendell Armbruster, Jr.