“Barefoot in the Park” quotes

Movie Barefoot in the Park
Title Barefoot in the Park
Year 1967
Director Gene Saks
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – After their honeymoon, Paul and Corie Bratter move into their new home, which Paul hates and Corie loves. One of their neighbors, Victor Velasco, immediately befriends Corie. She then decides to organize for Velasco to meet her mother, Ethel Banks, thinking to lift the depressed woman's spirits. The four dine out and while Velasco offers to take Mrs Banks home, Corie argues with Paul because he is too serious. The morning after, the Bratters have to deal with an expected situation: Corie's mother has spent the night at Velasco's place, but both the woman and Velasco swear to their honest behavior and affected by the dinner misbehavior they decide to spend more time together. Corie is surprised at the way things between her mother and Velasco are going, the same reaction Mrs Banks has when she learns that her daughter wants to divorce Paul. She then persuades Corie that her behavior is not proper for a wife. As a result Corie goes out to meet her husband and she finds him walking drunk barefoot in the park. It is a fast reconciliation because the newlyweds have learned to understand each other better.
All actors – Robert Redford, Jane Fonda, Charles Boyer, Mildred Natwick, Herb Edelman, Mabel Albertson, Fritz Feld, James Stone, Ted Hartley, Billie Bird, Paul E. Burns, John Indrisano, Doris Roberts
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  • “I had to park the car three blocks away. Then it started to rain so I ran the last two blocks. Then my heel got caught in a subway grating. When I pulled my foot out, I stepped in a puddle. Then a cab went by and splashed my stockings. If the hardware store downstairs was open, I was going to buy a knife and kill myself.”
    Mildred Natwick - Ethel Banks
  • “You don't just dive into a black salad. You have to play with it first!”
    Robert Redford - Paul Bratter
  • “- Bellboy: [dropping newspaper on pile of unread ones outside a hotel room] How long they been in there?
    - Hotel Maid: 5 days.
    - Bellboy: That must be a hotel record.
    - Hotel Maid: For a political convention. Honeymoon record's 9 days.”

    Doris Roberts - Hotel Maid
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  • “- Corie Bratter: My divorce! When do I get my divorce?
    - Paul Bratter: How should I know? The marriage license hasn't even come in yet!”

    Jane Seymour Fonda - Corie Bratter
    Robert Redford - Paul Bratter
    [Tag:divorce, marriage]
  • “Make him feel important. If you do that, you'll have a happy and wonderful marriage... like two out of every ten couples.”
    Mildred Natwick - Ethel Banks
  • “- Corie Bratter: You could travel.
    - Ethel Banks: Oh, travel. Alone. I read a story in the times. A middle-aged woman travelling alone fell off the deck of a ship. They never even discovered it 'til they got to France.
    - Corie Bratter: Mother, I promise you, if you ever fell off the deck of a ship, someone would know about it.”

    Jane Seymour Fonda - Corie Bratter
    Mildred Natwick - Ethel Banks
  • “My name's Harry Pepper if you ever have any trouble with line, do me a favor, don't ask for Harry Pepper.”
    Herb Edelman - Harry Pepper
  • “- Corie Bratter: You're almost nearly perfect!
    - Paul Bratter: That's a rotten thing to say!”

    Jane Seymour Fonda - Corie Bratter
    Robert Redford - Paul Bratter
  • “- Victor Velasco: I work at home during the day. Oh, I predict some interesting complications... am I making you nervous?
    - Corie Bratter: Very nervous.
    - Victor Velasco: Wonderful! Once a month I try to make pretty young girlsnervous, just to keep my hand in!”

    Charles Boyer - Victor Velasco
    Jane Seymour Fonda - Corie Bratter