“Breaking In” quotes

Movie Breaking In
Title Breaking In
Year 1989
Director Bill Forsyth
Genre Comedy, Adventure
All actors – Burt Reynolds, Casey Siemaszko, Sheila Kelley, Lorraine Toussaint, Albert Salmi, Harry Carey Jr., Maury Chaykin, Stephen Tobolowsky, Richard Key Jones, Tom Lasswell, Walter Shane, Frank A. Damiani
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  • “- Ernie Mullins: Hey, where'd you get that apple?
    - Mike Lafebb: Out there.
    - Ernie Mullins: Next time you want an apple, you buy it!”

    Burt Reynolds - Ernie Mullins
    Casey Siemaszko - Mike Lafebb
    [Tag:food, theft]
  • “- Mike Lafebb: So, you're an actress?
    - Carrie aka Fontaine: Well, I'm an actress and a model.
    - Mike Lafebb: Yeah? Done any movies?
    - Carrie aka Fontaine: I'm not at the performance level just yet. I'm still developing my instrument.
    - Mike Lafebb: Oh, so you're a musician too, huh?”

    Casey Siemaszko - Mike Lafebb
    Sheila Kelley - Carrie aka Fontaine
  • “More guys blow their careers because they can't control their bad habits.”
    Burt Reynolds - Ernie Mullins
    [Tag:career, habit]
  • “- Mike Lafebb: Man, I never met anybody who did crime for a living. I mean I had a cousin once who held up a gas station on his bicycle, but he was nuts.
    - Ernie Mullins: Runs in the family, huh?”

    Casey Siemaszko - Mike Lafebb
    Burt Reynolds - Ernie Mullins
    [Tag:crime, madness]
  • “- Young Woman Apostle: Do you have a family?
    - Mike Lafebb: No, not really. Just a mother, and a father, and a sister.”

    Melanie Mosely - Young Woman Apostle
    Casey Siemaszko - Mike Lafebb