“Roadside Prophets” quotes

Movie Roadside Prophets
Title Roadside Prophets
Year 1992
Director Abbe Wool
Genre Drama, Comedy, Adventure
All actors – John Doe, David Anthony Marshall, Judyth Thurman, Biff Yeager, Sonna Chavez, Adam Horovitz, Erica Rogers, JD Cullum, Ebbe Roe Smith, David Swinson, Aaron Lustig, Arlo Guthrie
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  • “I want ya to look around, just look around, and tell me what you see. A society that's obsessed with feeling good and happy. But underneath that moronic veneer lurks a thirst for blood. Yes, my friend, an invidious potential for lawlessness and despair; existential and otherwise. The sooner you weasels open your eyes to the hideous truth, the...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Barton Heyman - Sheriff Quentin Durango
  • “- Celeste: Don't mind him. It's called gallows humour.
    - Sam: Yeah, but is it funny?
    - Oscar: Only if you're in love and waiting to die. My name's Oscar, this is my wife Celeste. I've got cancer, she's got AIDS.”

    Lin Shaye - Celeste
    Adam Horovitz - Sam
    Bill Cobbs - Oscar
    [Tag:death, humor, love]
  • “There's a whole world changing out there. If you wanna die in the vine of the implying decline, it's up to you.”

    Ellie Raab - Gloria
  • “You want life to mean something, and be real and stuff. But then you just get old... and get a job.”
    John Doe - Joe Mosely
  • “- Ranger Bob: It's your responsibility as campers, and honourable men on this planet, to cut through the connections of these nooses waiting to happen before discarding them in a proper refuse container.
    - Sam: What the fuck are you talkin' about?”

    Stephen Tobolowsky - Ranger Bob
    Adam Horovitz - Sam
  • “- Sam: Got any beer?
    - Salvadore: I've got some crystal.
    - Sam: Wow! Speed?
    - Salvadore: Champagne... and speed kills. Or worse... it makes you psychotic. People love it because it makes them feel like they're in control of their destiny. What you wanna be on the look-out for is transcendent reality; seeing in and seeing out.”

    Adam Horovitz - Sam
    Timothy Leary - Salvadore
  • “Free food for the poor!”
    John Cusack - Caspar
    [Tag:charity, food, poverty]