“Josh and S.A.M.” quotes

Movie Josh and S.A.M.
Title Josh and S.A.M.
Year 1993
Director Billy Weber
Genre Drama, Comedy, Adventure
Plot – Josh and Sam are in crisis. Their mother has left for Europe and they have to move to Florida with their father. Josh decides to escape from the new house and want Sam to go with him. He tells his little brother he's actually a warrior child created by NASA. Only the "Maiden of freedom" can save him. To find her, they have to travel down the States.
All actors – Jacob Tierney, Noah Fleiss, Martha Plimpton, Stephen Tobolowsky, Joan Allen, Chris Penn, Maury Chaykin, Ronald Guttman, Udo Kier, Sean Baca, Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Lange
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  • “- Josh: I didn't want to mention this with mom around but I know a place where all kids who have to repeat a grade get together. It's way beyond the Bluffs, high above the Pacific Coast highway.
    - Sam: What do they do there?
    - Josh: Jump off.”

    Jacob Tierney - Josh
    Noah Fleiss - Sam
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  • “- Josh: Sam you're a genius!
    - Sam: Well, it's not my fault. They made me that way.”

    Jacob Tierney - Josh
    Noah Fleiss - Sam
  • “- Josh: I just discovered something really bad that I have to tell you about.
    - Sam: I already know you're a homo.”

    Jacob Tierney - Josh
    Noah Fleiss - Sam
  • “- Curtis Coleman: Did Josh really kill a guy?
    - Sam: Dad is trying to cover for him, but I saw him. He beat him over the head with a pool stick he was so mad.
    - Leon Coleman: What was he so mad about?
    - Sam: The guy called him a homo.”

    Sean Baca - Curtis Coleman
    Noah Fleiss - Sam
    Jake Gyllenhaal - Leon Coleman
  • “- Josh: Doesn't it make you feel sad inside?
    - Sam: Genetically altered inside. I'm all metal and wires. It's cold. I don't feel things the way you do.”

    Jacob Tierney - Josh
    Noah Fleiss - Sam
  • “- Sam: You're not my brother anymore!
    - Josh: What?
    - Sam: I just decided it, the same way dad isn't mom's husband anymore.
    - Josh: You must be dumber than dad's stepsons, you can't divorce me!”

    Noah Fleiss - Sam
    Jacob Tierney - Josh