“Casual Sex?” quotes

Movie Casual Sex?
Title Casual Sex?
Year 1988
Director Geneviève Robert
Genre Comedy
Interpreted by
All actors – Lea Thompson, Victoria Jackson, Stephen Shellen, Jerry Levine, Andrew Dice Clay, Mary Gross, Valerie Breiman, Peter Dvorsky, David Sargent, Cynthia Phillips, Don Woodard, Danny Breen
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  • “- Matthew: I can't. I'm sorry.
    - Melissa: Is it me?
    - Matthew: No no no, it's not you. It's me. I'm not attracted to you.
    - Melissa: Oh.
    - Matthew: Now, I don't want you to take this as a rejection, but as an acceptance between two people whose needs are profoundly incompatible.”

    Peter Dvorsky - Matthew
    Victoria Jackson - Melissa
  • “- Stacy: You can have one with the guy on top?
    - Ilene: Mm-hmm.
    - Stacy: I hate you!”

    Lea Thompson - Stacy
    Mary Gross - Ilene
    [Tag:orgasm, sex]
  • “It was the early eighties, and sex was still a good way to meet new people.”

    Lea Thompson - Stacy
  • “- Ilene: Haven't you ever had an orgasm?
    - Melissa: Oh, yeah, sure... no, not really. I mean, not with someone else in the room.”

    Mary Gross - Ilene
    Victoria Jackson - Melissa
  • “- Stacy: When you're with a guy, you're not just sleeping with him, you're sleeping with everyone they've had sex with.
    - Ilene: And everyone they've had sex with.
    - Melissa: Gee, I'm a lot more experienced than I thought I was!”

    Lea Thompson - Stacy
    Mary Gross - Ilene
    Victoria Jackson - Melissa
    [Tag:experience, sex]
  • “I used to have it all figured out. It's like women changed when I had my back turned.”
    Andrew Dice Clay - Vinny
    [Tag:changing, women]
  • “I lied. I was extremely attracted to you. I just didn't want you to see my unusually small penis.”

    Peter Dvorsky - Matthew
    [Tag:genitalia, lies]
  • - Stacy: This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but I remember when it was actually fun to say, "wow, that really felt great! What's your name again?".
    - Melissa: I've never had sex with someone I didn't know. For that matter, I've never said, "wow, that felt really great".

    Lea Thompson - Stacy
    Victoria Jackson - Melissa
    [Tag:sex, strangers]
  • “- Stacy: This is a miracle! For once it's all up to him. No tubes, no jellies, no furtive trips to the bathroom... I can just sit back and let it happen. I don't have to do anything.
    - Nick: I'm not too good with these things. Can you give me a hand putting it on?”

    Lea Thompson - Stacy
    Stephen Shellen - Nick
  • - Ilene: What do you miss most about sex?
    - Stacy: I miss falling asleep with someone's arms around me. And the feeling of, mm...
    - Ilene: Orgasm? I love orgasms.
    - Stacy: I'm sick of my "mighty intruder" vibrator with the flexible shaft and the textured head.

    Mary Gross - Ilene
    Lea Thompson - Stacy